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Does a Leading Man have to be Manly?

I was listening to Howard Stern interview Zachary Quinto recently. Quinto played Spock in the 2009 Star Trek and also in the 2013 Star Trek Into Darkness. He also came out of the closet in 2011, announcing that he is gay.

I don’t find Quinto particularly interesting, or the fact that he’s gay. What was interesting was the discussion that ensued with Stern about the tendency to not cast gay men into leading man roles. Stern’s a fairly big liberal, so it wasn’t surprising that he thought such a bias unreasonable.

Sticking with the Star Trek theme, let’s think about Captain James T. Kirk, played by William Shatner. The Captain Kirk character is basically a stud, a ladies man, a manly man. He’s not afraid to go after the girl, seduce her, and leave her wanting more. His attraction is so strong that women leave their men for him.

When we watch movies or TV shows, we want to get into the action and identify with the characters. Today they call it “immersive”. We learn to love some characters and hate others. We imagine their pain and revel in their happiness. A successful actor makes their character come to life, and makes them believable. Wouldn’t it have been hard for Shatner to make us believe he was really a studly womanizer if we knew in real life he was gay? In the back of our minds, when Kirk was kissing some woman, we’d know that the Shatner part of him wasn’t enjoying it at all.

Can a gay actor do a good job acting straight? I’m sure he can, just as a straight actor can do a good job acting gay. But if you’re casting someone for a straight leading man, wouldn’t you choose the MOST believable actor to play the part?

The symbolism of the Oreo

I recently heard a friend relating a conversation he’d had about which was better, the cookie part of the Oreo or the filling?
I thought about it, and about how each part is less than it could be without the other. The Oreo as a whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Then I suddenly realized that the Oreo can be seen as a symbol for the ideal relationship between a man and a woman. Bear with me here.

The hard cookie exterior is the man, protecting the soft sweet filling that is the woman. Each have their own qualities that make them different, and yet those qualities complement each other. On their own they are good, but when combined they change from being just two good things to being a new wonderful whole. Separate them and they are back to just being good. Like the cookie and filling, man and woman complete each other.


The Center of the Universe

Sometimes when I’m not feeling well, I think of the oddest things. I think fever messes with my mind. A few days ago I got to thinking about the infinite vastness of the universe. Yeah, I know, I’m weird.

I’ve always liked math. Number theory, imaginary numbers, Pi, infinity – all very cool stuff. Unfortunately I’m not nearly smart enough to come up with any of my own theories, but I like trying to understand those who came before me, like Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

One part of Einstein’s theory is that of Special Relativity. Special Relativity explains the idea that all motion is relative to the observer, and that there is no set frame of reference. Outside of the math involved, I think the best way I can explain the concept is by example. A child’s frame of reference is their home and local neighborhood. They can move around within it, and their motion is relative to that frame. Early civilizations thought that the earth stood still and that the moon, sun and stars were in motion. Their set frame of reference was the earth and all other bodies were in motion. Astronomers eventually learned that the earth orbits the sun, so they set the galaxy as the frame within which everything moved. Then they discovered multiple galaxies in the universe, so the universe became the frame of reference. With multiple universes, even that frame becomes relative, and so on.

If there are truly an infinite number of universes across an infinite amount of time, then the universe has no bounds, and therefore we cannot reach the end, no matter how long we travel, in any direction.

So, why does this matter? Well, if all motion is relative, then I have no frame of reference within to measure my motion. It is almost easier for me to consider myself static and everything else moving around me. Hence the phrase, “You think the universe revolves around you!”. In a way, it does. BUT, I am the only one who perceives it that way, since every observer has their own frame of reference.

So yes, I am at the center of my universe. And so are you. ūüôā

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you

H/T Daily Caller:

Here’s an illuminating article for you at the Daily Caller detailing how Obamacare is funneling money to corporations and unions in the guise of the¬†Early Retiree Reinsurance Program. Apparently the program is to cover health insurance for early-retirement programs from the retirement date until Medicare eligibility age. The whole point of offering employees early retirement is to give them a lump sum to leave early, therefore reducing ongoing costs going forward. I would assume that part of the package offered by the company would include health insurance, but I suppose that’s up to the company.

The telling part of the story is WHO the ERRP funds are going to. CBS and The Washington Post are receiving funds, and both of those news outlets are able to influence public opinion of the Obamacare policy as a whole. In addition to CBS and The Washington Post, money is being given to General Electric, Verizon and AT&T. These companies are made up of large numbers of union workers. Also, the unions themselves are getting direct ERRP funds – the United Auto Workers, Teamsters, United Mine Workers, United Food and Commercial Workers, the AFL-CIO, and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.

So, what’s the best way to get re-elected? Reward those who elected you the last time. Funnel money to the liberal-friendly media that support your policies and to the unions who helped elect you. If you’re a union worker in this country, why would you vote against the Democrats? After all, you’re getting your big pensions and retirement plans and other benefits. Now they want to offer you free health insurance when you take early retirement. You’re getting yours, why should you care about the poor schlubs who are working their butts off to pay the taxes that are funding programs like the ERRP? The last thing you’re going to do is bite the hand that feeds you and elect a conservative that will put a stop to Obamacare.

Unless you have a conscience, that is, in which case you know that you’re basically standing on the backs of the citizens of this country while you wait for your next handout.


Are we being fair to Ron Paul?

H/T News Real Blog:

Apparently Lisa Richards is pretty unhappy with Ron Paul’s earmarks in the scrapped Omnibus spending bill:

The anti-pork, anti-tax-hike, anti-IRS, anti-Fed libertarian Congressman Ron Paul has a dirty little secret: he is a pork-spending bureaucrat who stuffed the latest, and now defunct, $1.3 trillion dollar Omnibus bill with $8 million dollars in earmarks.  This should come as no surprise to anyone who looks at these bills.  Ron Paul has snuck pork into already inflated stimulus packages American taxpayers and the country cannot afford.

Now, I may not agree with Paul’s reasoning regarding earmarks. Apparently he’s against spending, but he feels that IF a spending bill passes, it’s his responsibility to make sure his district gets it’s cut. I’d like to think that I’d be more idealistic, and refuse to even cooperate with any spending bills by putting my earmarks in them, but I’m not Ron Paul and I don’t have to answer to his constituents.

Richards is being unfair, however, in criticizing the projects in the earmarks themselves. She points to the Gulf States Consumer Education Program and points out Paul’s stance that the Federal Government should not be involved in public education. If Richards checked her facts, she’d know that the Gulf States program has nothing to do with public education, and that it’s really something of an R&D program for the commercial fishing industry. Do I think the Fed should be handing out money to private industry for R&D? Of course not, and Paul shouldn’t be for that either, but if you’re going to bash the guy, make sure it’s for the right reasons.

The reality of it is, the current state of things has gotten so bad that it’s very hard to stand on principle. If Paul refuses to earmark and play the game, he risks the chance that his district will pay taxes into the system and get nothing back out. If he plays along, but then votes against the whole bill, he can be against spending, but make sure his district gets their cut in the event that it passes. This is no different than states deliberating on whether to turn down stimulus money. Our city government was encouraged to turn down money for a transportation hub. If they do so, it’s not as if the people in that district are then going to get a tax refund for the unused money; instead it will go to some other district.

The whole thing stinks, and there’s no good clean way out of it. Paul may not be holding fast as a pure Libertarian, but he’s doing far better than many others.

Is Joe Biden a “devout Roman Catholic”?

In an un-related story at The Hill regarding the on-going attempt by the Democrats to pass the DREAM act, it was noted that Joe Biden is Catholic:

“And don’t tell me about Christmas; I understand Christmas,” said Biden, a devout Roman Catholic. “There’s 10 days between now and Christmas. I hope I don’t get in the way of your Christmas shopping, but this is the nation’s business.”

So, is Biden a “devout Roman Catholic”? Does he “understand Christmas”? He’s probably received the proper Sacraments over the years, and he may even be a regular attendee at Mass on Sundays. But how does someone support the murder of the un-born and still claim to be Catholic?

The Voter’s Guide for Serious Catholics explains that there are 5 issues that are non-negotiable. They are abortion,¬†euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, human cloning, and homosexual¬†marriage. These are against moral law and considered to be evil. To support any of these issues is to be in direct violation of the Church’s teaching.

So, where does Biden score on these issues? Well, according to On The Issues, we can see the following:

  • Abortion Rights – Although claiming to agree with the Church that life begins at conception, and also voting against public funding for abortions, he apparently is okay with abortion rights. He also has voted against things such as parental notification for minors having abortions and criminal penalties for harming an unborn baby during a crime.
  • Embryonic Stem Cell Research – He voted to expand research.
  • Human Cloning – He voted against banning human cloning.
  • Homosexual marriage – He’s been all over the place on this one. He voted to ban it, then voted against a constitutional ban on it, then said he was okay with civil unions but gay marriage was inevitable, then said he was against gay marriage. The Human Rights Commission gave him a 78% in 2006 on this issue, which means they consider him to be a supporter of gay rights.

It seems pretty obvious to me that even if Biden is a “practicing” Catholic, he definitely isn’t Catholic in his heart and his deeds.

Post-election thoughts

With 99% of the vote counted here in Illinois, our Governor’s race is still in play. It looks like Quinn has about a 20,000 vote lead with 5 precincts left to go. I’m not sure which precincts they are, but apparently they add up to enough votes to make the office still up for grabs.

The sad thing to me is that around 1.7 million Illinois voters still voted for Quinn, a Democrat. Illinois is heading into bankruptcy, and they voted for the guy who wants to raise taxes even more. So, why? Why do so many people keep voting for these Chicago Democrats who are driving our state into the crapper?

I figure these Democrat voters fall into the usual categories:

1) True-believers. These people really think the Democrats have the right idea and that government can solve anything. Take more taxes, build more bureaucracy, take care of everyone. Sadly, they don’t understand economics well enough to know that it’s only the jobs that actually produce goods that contribute to the economy. All those government jobs just suck money from the system, which makes the whole thing unsustainable and doomed to failure.

2) Democrats by heritage. These people vote Democrat because they have always been Democrats. Their parents and their grandparents were Democrats. It’s never really occurred to them to question their vote because people they trust vote the same way.

3) Union Democrats. These people are long-time members of all the various unions. They’ve more or less been indoctrinated with the concept that if it weren’t for the unions, they would be working for $2/hr and missing half their fingers and toes due to industrial accidents. The union is their protector, and therefore when the union says to vote Democrat, most do so.

4) Democrats by whim. They vote Democrat because they think John Stewart is cool, or David Letterman is funny, or the candidate is cute, and on and on. People voted for Bill Clinton because he was on MTV.

5) Random Democrats. These are the people who are bombarded by the Get Out the Vote programs, and feel like they must vote. They have no idea who to vote for, so they just pick something. They have a 50/50 chance of picking the D.

Now, before you think I’m just picking on Democrats, let me say that there are Republican voters that fall into these same general categories, or their conservative equivalents.

1) True-believers. They believe in the Constitution, liberty, and American greatness. The difference between them and the Democrat version? The Dems are wrong.

2) Heritage is more or less the same, just the opposite party.

3) Replace Union with business owners. Business owners may encourage employees, not necessarily by telling them to vote a certain way, but by showing bias towards pro-business candidates. The big difference here is that even if a particular employer publicly endorses a candidate, there is rarely active pressure put on the employees to follow suit.

4) Whim does apply here as well, although there are probably fewer instances of it on the Republican side. After all, there are fewer R’s in movies and on TV, so they have less influence on these types of voters.

5) Random is truly random, and there are sure to be random R’s as well.

So far the playing field seems relatively even. What I left for last, however, is what we can call “Imaginary Democrats”. The Chicago political machine is famous for their Imaginary Democrats. These are dead people, illegal aliens, people who have moved out of state, people voting multiple times in different counties, college students voting at home and at school, people voting in the name of neighbors who they know are not planning to vote, and other fun tricks. Ballot boxes magically disappear and reappear, depending on how close the election is.

So, out of the 1.7 million voting for Quinn, how many were Imaginary, and how many just fall into the normal groups?

We’ve made huge progress in this mid-term election. We’ve got 2 years before the next big test. We need to address the 5 Democrat categories above by spreading the word and educating people. If they can understand the issues, they’ll possibly move to the Republican side. We need to address the “Imaginary Democrat” voters by starting now to scrub the voter registration lists across the state to weed them all out.

We’ve all been working hard, but we can’t stop now. Too much is at stake.

Paul Ryan slams Krugman in a challenge of wits any day

H/T The Weekly Standard

Paul Ryan could beat Krugman at a battle of the wits in his sleep. Ryan truly knows his stuff and shows it every time the liberal media attacks his ideas. He stays on topic, has real answers for every inane point they try to make, and shows that he has what it takes to lead us out of the mess that’s been made of this country by the Democrats and the RINOs.

Paul Ryan is a rising star. Let’s hope he’s able to stay true to his principles. We need leaders like him.

California’s Prop 8

Normally I try to avoid the whole subject of gays and same-sex marriage. ¬†I definitely have an opinion on it, but it’s one of those things that’s just not worth arguing about. You’re not going to convince or convert anyone over to your side, so what’s the point? Spend your time and efforts in other areas, like electing conservatives to Congress to try and save our country from Marxism.

However, the California Prop 8 case is in the news, and so many people are commenting on it that I thought I’d line out my views on the matter. Here goes.

As a Catholic, and a pretty conservative one at that, I believe that homosexuality is against God’s will. However, ALSO as a Catholic, I am not crusading against homosexuals in my neighborhood. I’m not trying to run them out of town, and I’m not trying to convince them of the error of their ways. That’s their problem.

I feel that the big reason many Christians have a problem with same-sex marriage is that to us, marriage¬†isn’t just a civil contract. It’s one of our sacraments, given to us by God to follow. It’s a holy rite at which we are blessed by God. For a same-sex couple to become “married” is an affront to our beliefs, since someone who is with sin should not be receiving sacraments until he repents.

So where does this leave us? Well, I’ve always thought it made sense to allow “civil unions”. Come up with a “civil union” license with is binding for all legal purposes just like a¬†marriage¬†license is.

The problem is, as much as that makes sense to me and many like myself, the idea has never caught on in the pro-same-sex-marriage ranks. They say things like, “we should have the legal right to medical information and visits if our partner is in the hospital”. Yet when someone suggests civil union licenses that would cover all of their complains, the idea is brushed aside. My feeling is that regardless of all their rhetoric, the people pushing the whole idea of same-sex marriage are really focused on one thing, and that’s to force everyone else to accept their lifestyle whether they agree with it or not.

We’re constantly inundated with the gay lifestyle on television, in the movies, and in the news media. Hollywood liberals manage to insert homosexual characters or traits or even outright behavior into almost every show or movie that hits the screen. The goal is to numb us to the point where we’re so used to it that we don’t even notice it anymore.

When that happens, they’ll push their next agenda on us. ¬†I wonder what that will be?

Government out of control and still hungry for more power

If you’re one of those people who still think the government is here to help and don’t realize how out of control it has gotten, you need to pay more attention to what’s really going on in this country and less attention to the mainstream media’s liberal-filtered so-called “news”.

Read about this incident in Oregon¬†where health inspectors have let their power go to their heads to the point where common sense has been completely lost. Regulating lemonade stands? ¬†Are you serious? You’re going to make a kid get a $120 license to run a lemonade stand?

We’ve got to turn this country around, everyone! This nonsense has GOT TO STOP before we’ve got Big Brother inside our bathrooms telling us we’re using too much toilet paper. You might laugh, but they’re already regulating how much water our toilets can use. Is it really that much of a stretch to think they’ll continue to push for more and more control of every aspect of our lives?