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Considerate behavior gone by the wayside

I used to work on the family farm until I was around 22 years old. Farming almost invariably involves taking large slow-moving equipment out on roads – usually gravel, but sometimes blacktop or highway. One thing I was always aware of was how much danger I was in, since I wasn’t moving with normal traffic speeds. Once I nearly got hit by a car when they crested a hill behind me, saw me too late, and slid to a stop.

What I was more aware of was how I was affecting normal traffic. As someone travelling far under normal speeds, I would gradually collect a line of cars behind me eager to reach their work or homes. Many times it could be a mile or more before a safe passing area would open up. So, I would be CONSIDERATE. I would watch for an opportunity to pull off into a driveway or onto a firm shoulder and let the train of cars get by. I was safer for them, and even safer for me.

Today’s farmers apparently have no consideration for others. I’ve followed tractors and combines for several miles as they zip past side roads, parking lots in small towns, and driveways without a second glance. Look, I realize that you’re working at your job, and you feel that your job is important. That doesn’t mean you own the road, and it’s no excuse for rudeness. Take the 30 seconds to pull over and let the backed up traffic past. It’s the considerate and safe thing to do.

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you

H/T Daily Caller:

Here’s an illuminating article for you at the Daily Caller detailing how Obamacare is funneling money to corporations and unions in the guise of the Early Retiree Reinsurance Program. Apparently the program is to cover health insurance for early-retirement programs from the retirement date until Medicare eligibility age. The whole point of offering employees early retirement is to give them a lump sum to leave early, therefore reducing ongoing costs going forward. I would assume that part of the package offered by the company would include health insurance, but I suppose that’s up to the company.

The telling part of the story is WHO the ERRP funds are going to. CBS and The Washington Post are receiving funds, and both of those news outlets are able to influence public opinion of the Obamacare policy as a whole. In addition to CBS and The Washington Post, money is being given to General Electric, Verizon and AT&T. These companies are made up of large numbers of union workers. Also, the unions themselves are getting direct ERRP funds – the United Auto Workers, Teamsters, United Mine Workers, United Food and Commercial Workers, the AFL-CIO, and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.

So, what’s the best way to get re-elected? Reward those who elected you the last time. Funnel money to the liberal-friendly media that support your policies and to the unions who helped elect you. If you’re a union worker in this country, why would you vote against the Democrats? After all, you’re getting your big pensions and retirement plans and other benefits. Now they want to offer you free health insurance when you take early retirement. You’re getting yours, why should you care about the poor schlubs who are working their butts off to pay the taxes that are funding programs like the ERRP? The last thing you’re going to do is bite the hand that feeds you and elect a conservative that will put a stop to Obamacare.

Unless you have a conscience, that is, in which case you know that you’re basically standing on the backs of the citizens of this country while you wait for your next handout.


Another wonderful Walmart experience…

No, not really.

We tend to do most of our usual grocery shopping at Walmart. It’s not that I’m a huge fan, but there are a few things that make Walmart attractive for families. Low prices and everything all in one place makes it hard to beat. Some of the other grocery stores have added other things like diapers, toilet paper, shampoo, etc… but they just don’t have the selection and prices that Walmart has. At the same time, some of the retail chains like Kmart have added some groceries, but again just don’t have everything we need.

Walmart has it’s problems, however. In our town, it’s known for attracting freaky people. If you want to see all kinds of piercings, tattoos and odd clothing styles, Walmart is the place to be. Our store also seems to be bad about running out of one particular item. Not necessarily one brand, but all of the item. Tonight I think it was dry noodles. The shelves were almost completely picked clean of every brand and width of noodle. Sometimes it’s bread. Once it was cheese. It’s as if the person ordering just completely forgot to order that section.

We had a horrible cashier tonight. I’m not sure if she was half-asleep or stoned. She kept trying to make small-talk with us, but she was so out of it that we couldn’t understand her. She was also one of the cashiers that don’t like to use the automatic conveyor. They leave it off and reach for items until they can’t reach any further, then they finally hit the switch to bring things closer, and then turn it off again. This has the side-affect of keeping me from unloading my cart right away, which means I can’t get to the bags quick enough. If I can’t get to the bags, she runs out of room until I can start putting bags in the cart. Since the cart isn’t empty, I can’t do that…. You get the idea.

So, our cashier wouldn’t use the conveyor. She was also the slowest cashier that I’ve ever seen. I could have added the prices up on paper faster than she scanned things. It also took forever for her to put the stuff in bags. When she scanned the eggs, for some strange reason she stacked them on the corner of the scanner. Then she almost knocked them off on the floor. She started to put them in a bag, and then after she had 3 dozen in the bag, she tried to put in the 4th. Since that one wouldn’t fit, she had to take it and the 3rd back out to put them in another bag. Apparently the bags needed to be tied shut for some strange reason. She double-bagged almost everything else, which took ages because she couldn’t get the bags open.

If you need a job, apply at Walmart. Apparently they’ll take anyone, no matter how bad they are at their job.

What is so hard about a 4-way stop?

We have a 4-way stop here in Quincy at 48th and State that has gotten some attention recently because it gets pretty congested at certain times of the day. Basically the local community college combined with normal traffic patterns of people going back and forth to work can slow traffic. Congested, however, is a relative term. Driving 25-30 mph for 20 miles in a work zone outside St. Louis is congested. When there is a wreck in that traffic and everyone has to funnel into fewer lanes, that’s congested.

Having to take your turn in a line of maybe 20-30 cars at a 4-way stop is a minor annoyance at worst.

Apparently this “congestion” is just too much for people. It’s so frustrating to them that they lose the ability to drive. Tonight traffic was a little slower than usual, due to the aftermath of an accident. Someone managed to t-bone a little SUV hard enough to not only dent the rear passenger side, but break the suspension bad enough so the wheel was up against the frame. How hard is it to navigate a 4-way stop? Wait your turn, proceed with caution, stop if someone is being an idiot! How fast can you possibly be moving after stopping at the sign? I’m guessing this bonehead had to pretty much gun it to cause that much damage.

The problem with the intersection isn’t the cars, it’s the people driving them.

Will the propaganda signs go away? I doubt it.

It’s hard to miss the Recovery Act Stimulus signs if they’re in your area. They’re big, obnoxious, and pointless – unless you’re a Democrat regime bent on convincing the public that you helped them in some way.

Rep. Aaron Schock has gone after the stimulus signs in Illinois, calling them “the height of narcissism”. They’re also a waste of money, since they don’t provide any real information – they just promote the program itself.

Apparently, pressure from Rep. Darrell Issa has forced certain agencies to change their rules to make the signs no longer required. However, they are still “strongly encouraged”, which is code for “we’re not gonna make you do it, but you had better do it, if you know what I mean – wink wink”.

In our area, we got to look at a couple big annoying signs while one of our streets was re-paved. Oddly, no one who lives on or travels the street thought it needed re-paving. They assume some “person of importance” must live there, which is how things usually work around here. While that street was getting re-paved, the streets in my area haven’t been touched in the 10 years that I’ve lived there. We have grass growing up through cracks in the pavement, no curbs, no sidewalks, and a patchwork of concrete and asphalt patches on top of patches. Apparently the people on my street aren’t important enough to be bought off with new pavement.

Don’t look for the signs or the stupidity to go away any time soon, and definitely don’t expect it if you don’t get your butt off the couch and educate yourself before the elections in November. If the Obama/Pelosi/Reid triumvirate stays in charge, it’s just gonna get worse.

Government out of control and still hungry for more power

If you’re one of those people who still think the government is here to help and don’t realize how out of control it has gotten, you need to pay more attention to what’s really going on in this country and less attention to the mainstream media’s liberal-filtered so-called “news”.

Read about this incident in Oregon where health inspectors have let their power go to their heads to the point where common sense has been completely lost. Regulating lemonade stands?  Are you serious? You’re going to make a kid get a $120 license to run a lemonade stand?

We’ve got to turn this country around, everyone! This nonsense has GOT TO STOP before we’ve got Big Brother inside our bathrooms telling us we’re using too much toilet paper. You might laugh, but they’re already regulating how much water our toilets can use. Is it really that much of a stretch to think they’ll continue to push for more and more control of every aspect of our lives?

Can Illinois government be any more stupid?

H/T Illinois Review:

At first I thought it was a joke.  At least it sounded like one.

The tall woman with long brown hair walks up the front steps to her best friend’s house and rings the bell. Her friend opens the door and the tall woman gives her a little hug before entering the premises. Out by the hedge something moves. The door closes and from behind the hedge crawls a slight man with a a badge and a stainless steel comb. The little man crawls with cat-like stealth around the side of the house and perches himself where he can see through the kitchen window. “Aha!” he softly proclaims. He touches the button on his headset and whispers, “The hen is in the fox-house. Repeat, the hen is in the fox-house!” In his headset, he hears a female voice, “maintain your position until backup arrives.” “Roger!” is all the little man replies. The voice on the other end responds, “I know your name, just wait where you are!”

Go here to read the rest of the article.

Yes, our bonehead Illinois government has passed a law to cover the regulation of hair-braiders.  Apparently the business of hair-braiding was out of control in Illinois.

I’ve always thought the whole barber license thing was a complete joke.  It’s an obvious scam to collect fees from people so the government can spend more money on social programs.  Not enough money to spend?  Regulate something else and charge license fees.  This time it’s hair-braiding.

What will it be tomorrow?  A license to mow lawns?  How about a license to clean houses?  With the liberals in charge, what part of our lives will the government NOT be involved in?

Remember November, people!  We’ve got to stop this insanity before it gets any worse.

Hold on tight, higher taxes are on the way

H/T Americans for Tax Reform

As if the economy isn’t depressed enough, and unemployment isn’t high enough, the Obama brain-trust is barreling forward with plenty of new taxes ready to hit your wallets on January 2011.  Some aren’t so much new as old taxes that had been suspended and are being allowed to come back, but that doesn’t change the fact that people are going to be giving MORE money to the government and spending less. Don’t expect big job creation gains or lower unemployment levels any time soon while Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the rest of their Liberal cabal push their Progressive agenda down the throats of the American people.

Buffalo Gnats are back.

Black Fly Yes, the darn little critters are back again this year.  I’ve already gotten bitten twice – once on my scalp and once under my right ear.  The little buggers sure cause a big swelling, especially on my scalp where the swelling has nowhere to go but out.  It lasts a long time too, lumped up and itchy.

The common solution around here in west-central Illinois has been vanilla.  Never tried it myself, but that’s what everyone says to use.  This year someone told me to pick up some Buggins at the local Gamemasters store.  I’d never heard of it before, but here it is:  Buggins Vanilla Mint & Rose.  Based on that, I’d say people were on track with the vanilla home-remedy.

Apparently the buffalo gnat is really a black fly.  Blood-sucking little disease-carrying vermin.  Get your Buggins or vanilla extract or whatever bug repellent you like – these things can spread disease.