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Time to buy Barilla pasta!

Hat Tip: Daily Caller

An Italian businessman says the traditional family is important to his business, and the loons are out in force trying to punish him:

It looks like I’m going to be buying Barilla pasta when I buy groceries tomorrow. Not only do I agree with Mr. Barilla when he says, “For us the concept of the sacred family remains one of the basic values of the company,” I support his right to say it.

What’s stupid about the boycotters’ reaction is that Barilla never said anything bad in the interview about homosexuals. He even said he supported gay marriage. Not only that, if you read more about the original interview, the context of the questions were surrounding how they advertise and market their products. He was really referring to how they feel that their target audience is the traditional family, and that therefore they use traditional families in their marketing.


Political phone survey

I don’t get very many phone surveys, and the few that I have gotten leading up to the last elections have been pretty fair. They’ve had straightforward yes or no answers, and haven’t intentionally tried to lead me to certain responses.

However, today (on Sunday of all days, which annoyed me) I took a phone survey about the EPA. It was obviously skewed heavily pro-EPA, based on the questions and the explanations leading up to them. I’ll skip right to the third question, which is the last one I heard before I hung up. It was something like this:

“The EPA is the only protection we have against pollution being released by corporations. Do you feel that pollution standards should be set by our elected officials or by scientists at the EPA? Please answer 1 if you feel that pollution standards should be set by our elected officials or answer 2 if you feel they should be set by the scientists at the EPA.”

This was the last question I heard, because I couldn’t answer it, and there was no way to skip it. My answer, of course, is “neither”. I don’t think politicians understand the subject enough to set the standards themselves, but at the same time I don’t trust the “scientists” at the EPA to set the standards either. The EPA is a huge bloated organization that is heavy on politics and light on real science.

So, I had to terminate the survey. Will my answers be recorded or dumped? Who knows, and honestly, what would it matter? An obviously biased survey like this one will end with the results that they asked for, regardless of reality.

Is Joe Biden a “devout Roman Catholic”?

In an un-related story at The Hill regarding the on-going attempt by the Democrats to pass the DREAM act, it was noted that Joe Biden is Catholic:

“And don’t tell me about Christmas; I understand Christmas,” said Biden, a devout Roman Catholic. “There’s 10 days between now and Christmas. I hope I don’t get in the way of your Christmas shopping, but this is the nation’s business.”

So, is Biden a “devout Roman Catholic”? Does he “understand Christmas”? He’s probably received the proper Sacraments over the years, and he may even be a regular attendee at Mass on Sundays. But how does someone support the murder of the un-born and still claim to be Catholic?

The Voter’s Guide for Serious Catholics explains that there are 5 issues that are non-negotiable. They are abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research, human cloning, and homosexual marriage. These are against moral law and considered to be evil. To support any of these issues is to be in direct violation of the Church’s teaching.

So, where does Biden score on these issues? Well, according to On The Issues, we can see the following:

  • Abortion Rights – Although claiming to agree with the Church that life begins at conception, and also voting against public funding for abortions, he apparently is okay with abortion rights. He also has voted against things such as parental notification for minors having abortions and criminal penalties for harming an unborn baby during a crime.
  • Embryonic Stem Cell Research – He voted to expand research.
  • Human Cloning – He voted against banning human cloning.
  • Homosexual marriage – He’s been all over the place on this one. He voted to ban it, then voted against a constitutional ban on it, then said he was okay with civil unions but gay marriage was inevitable, then said he was against gay marriage. The Human Rights Commission gave him a 78% in 2006 on this issue, which means they consider him to be a supporter of gay rights.

It seems pretty obvious to me that even if Biden is a “practicing” Catholic, he definitely isn’t Catholic in his heart and his deeds.

Republicans to try and cut public funding of NPR

H/T: The Hill

If you ask me, it’s about time. The firing of Juan Williams is being held up as the example of political bias in NPR’s reporting, but it’s hardly news that NPR is a shill for the liberals.

It’s hard to tell exactly how much money this would save. In the grand scheme of things, it would probably be a pretty small drop in the bucket. Regardless, it’s a drop, and we need to start somewhere. It’s a signal to the voters that the Republicans are listening and serious.

Post-election thoughts

With 99% of the vote counted here in Illinois, our Governor’s race is still in play. It looks like Quinn has about a 20,000 vote lead with 5 precincts left to go. I’m not sure which precincts they are, but apparently they add up to enough votes to make the office still up for grabs.

The sad thing to me is that around 1.7 million Illinois voters still voted for Quinn, a Democrat. Illinois is heading into bankruptcy, and they voted for the guy who wants to raise taxes even more. So, why? Why do so many people keep voting for these Chicago Democrats who are driving our state into the crapper?

I figure these Democrat voters fall into the usual categories:

1) True-believers. These people really think the Democrats have the right idea and that government can solve anything. Take more taxes, build more bureaucracy, take care of everyone. Sadly, they don’t understand economics well enough to know that it’s only the jobs that actually produce goods that contribute to the economy. All those government jobs just suck money from the system, which makes the whole thing unsustainable and doomed to failure.

2) Democrats by heritage. These people vote Democrat because they have always been Democrats. Their parents and their grandparents were Democrats. It’s never really occurred to them to question their vote because people they trust vote the same way.

3) Union Democrats. These people are long-time members of all the various unions. They’ve more or less been indoctrinated with the concept that if it weren’t for the unions, they would be working for $2/hr and missing half their fingers and toes due to industrial accidents. The union is their protector, and therefore when the union says to vote Democrat, most do so.

4) Democrats by whim. They vote Democrat because they think John Stewart is cool, or David Letterman is funny, or the candidate is cute, and on and on. People voted for Bill Clinton because he was on MTV.

5) Random Democrats. These are the people who are bombarded by the Get Out the Vote programs, and feel like they must vote. They have no idea who to vote for, so they just pick something. They have a 50/50 chance of picking the D.

Now, before you think I’m just picking on Democrats, let me say that there are Republican voters that fall into these same general categories, or their conservative equivalents.

1) True-believers. They believe in the Constitution, liberty, and American greatness. The difference between them and the Democrat version? The Dems are wrong.

2) Heritage is more or less the same, just the opposite party.

3) Replace Union with business owners. Business owners may encourage employees, not necessarily by telling them to vote a certain way, but by showing bias towards pro-business candidates. The big difference here is that even if a particular employer publicly endorses a candidate, there is rarely active pressure put on the employees to follow suit.

4) Whim does apply here as well, although there are probably fewer instances of it on the Republican side. After all, there are fewer R’s in movies and on TV, so they have less influence on these types of voters.

5) Random is truly random, and there are sure to be random R’s as well.

So far the playing field seems relatively even. What I left for last, however, is what we can call “Imaginary Democrats”. The Chicago political machine is famous for their Imaginary Democrats. These are dead people, illegal aliens, people who have moved out of state, people voting multiple times in different counties, college students voting at home and at school, people voting in the name of neighbors who they know are not planning to vote, and other fun tricks. Ballot boxes magically disappear and reappear, depending on how close the election is.

So, out of the 1.7 million voting for Quinn, how many were Imaginary, and how many just fall into the normal groups?

We’ve made huge progress in this mid-term election. We’ve got 2 years before the next big test. We need to address the 5 Democrat categories above by spreading the word and educating people. If they can understand the issues, they’ll possibly move to the Republican side. We need to address the “Imaginary Democrat” voters by starting now to scrub the voter registration lists across the state to weed them all out.

We’ve all been working hard, but we can’t stop now. Too much is at stake.

The intricacies of dealing with China

It’s never as simple as it seems. Foreign relations is a complex beast. For instance, this article about rare metal mining and how we are currently dependent on China for our needs shows how complicated things can get. We’re not exactly best pals with China, which makes the whole situation a disaster waiting to happen.

When we talk about dependence on foreign oil, we should really say “dependence on foreign resources”. We’ve allowed ourselves in the USA to become reliant on countries that definitely don’t have our best interests in mind.

It’s time to get our country moving again. Boot the eco-nuts out of office, take power away from the EPA, loosen regulations on mining and development, and spur industries to expand here instead of overseas.

A polling place story

I tend to run hot and cold on blogging. I get all fired up about some issue and write a lot about it, and then I run out of steam and can’t come up with anything to talk about for awhile. In addition, the state of our country has just gotten downright depressing. It’s very hard to write positive stories in our times, and writing pieces that are critical of our government tends to put me in a bad mood. The upcoming elections reminded me of one of those depressing stories.

A few years ago, I was standing in line to vote at my polling place. Interestingly enough, a group of 6 people came in all at the same time to vote. It was interesting because our polling places are small and there are almost never lines. It was also interesting because the group of people were obviously mentally challenged.

The group was accompanied by several “guides”. I’m not sure what they would normally be called – helpers, assistants, nurses – but they were essentially there to “guide” this group of voters through the process. As I watched, they “guided” them through the check-in process all the way through voting and on to the ballot submission (we have machines that scan our ballots).

Now, obviously, they were eligible voters. They were registered voters. But there was no way that they were informed voters making rational decisions, on their own, as to how to vote. They had to be led individually through every step. There is no way they took it upon themselves to register to vote in the first place.

Now, normally, you would think this would not be an issue. In a world full of honest people, the helpers would be neutral. They would refrain from influencing the person they were helping. In the long run, the votes would be spread evenly across the ballots and would cancel each other out. However, we don’t live in a perfect world. Some people aren’t honest, and many that ARE honest do things with good intentions that still aren’t the right thing to do.

So, I walked out of that polling place after casting ONE vote. Did those 6 other citizens cast their votes that day, or did 1 “guide” cast 6 votes? For their sake, I truly hope that the guide was honest and the voters were allowed to vote, regardless of how they voted. To steal their votes would have been more than illegal, it would have been immoral. It would have been taking advantage of the less fortunate, and that is never acceptable.

Hare on the defensive

There’s a good synopsis over at RedState about how Phil Hare is starting to panic.  When you look at what’s happened with Hare over the last year, it’s no wonder:

The guy is obviously scared to death that he’s going to lose his job. We’re planning on replacing him with Bobby Schilling in November.

Currently Schilling is leading by small margins in various polls. There’s not much point in referencing the polls and the actual margins, since they change constantly. The point is that it’s still a close race. How do we widen the gap and make sure Hare is looking for a new job soon?

The biggest problem is probably the makeup of the 17th Congressional district in Illinois.

Illinois 17th Congressional District

Only in Illinois can you see gerrymandering like that, folks! Basically what we have here is a district that was carefully crafted to make it solidly Democrat while at the same time locking up as many GOP areas as possible. The intent is to keep the conservative rural areas from being able to swing enough votes to have any effect on government. It’s Chicago machine politics at it’s most brilliant and also most corrupt.

The only thing they couldn’t plan for was the trio of Obama, Pelosi and Reid combining together to put this country on the fast track to ruin. The power grab by the Progressives (or Liberals or Statists) has been so heavy-handed and brutal that people who would otherwise not have gotten involved have woken up. Districts like the 17th are suddenly in play, and may very well end up GOP.

If you’re someone who wants to put Phil Hare on the unemployment line, there are several things you need to keep in mind:

1) This isn’t a gimme for Schilling. This race could go either way at this point.

2) Your vote counts. Your neighbor’s vote counts. In districts like this one, many people have become discouraged because in election after election, they voted only to find out that the Democrat strongholds in the urban areas made it seem pointless. It’s important to get out of that mindset and to get those around you out of it as well.

3) This has national implications. To stop and hopefully repeal the damage the Democrats have done under the Democrats, we need every seat we can get in Congress. That means we can’t take ANY race for granted. We need to work hard to win them all, and hope that when the dust settles we’ll have what it takes.

So get off your couch! Talk to your friends, neighbors, family – explain to them why you’re going to vote conservative. Sure, some might be die-hard liberals and impossible to convince, but there will be others that could go either way, or might normally not vote. Offer to give them a ride. Offer to watch their kids while they go vote. Help them understand the differences between Schilling and Hare. Make sure they understand the enormity of what is happening and how important it is that we change course before the USA as we know it is gone.

Chris Christie shows how it’s done

Once again, my favorite governor, Gov. Christ Christie of New Jersey, shows how to be a leader. It’s amazing to hear him talk without the doublespeak that we’ve come to expect from politicians. New Jersey has this awesome guy to lead their state, and here in Illinois we’ve got Pat Quinn.

Look at New Jersey, people of Illinois. Learn from their example. Get rid of the mindless Democrats who are killing our state, and vote for conservatives who will turn things around.