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Bill Maher steps in it… George Will rubs Bill’s nose in it

H/T to NewsBusters for this one…

It’s always fun when a liberal runs their mouth and steps in a big pile of BS.  It’s more fun when it’s a media tool like Bill Maher.  Maher, like many liberal talking heads, is used to being surrounded by his liberal followers.  He’s used to being able to spout nonsense and have no one question his words.  Rarely does someone like Maher step outside that cocoon and risk being shown for the fool they are.

In this case, it was George Will on ABC’s “This Week” that revealed Maher for the clueless bomb-thrower that he is.  Watch the video and read the article at NewsBusters.  You’ll see that Maher has absolutely no idea what he’s talking about.  The sad thing is, if he’d told his audience on HBO what he tried to pass off as fact on “This Week”, they’d have believed him without question.

Sunspot reduction may signal cooler temps to come

I found a very interesting article at ICECAP today, talking about sunspots and sunspot drought.  Apparently there is a correlation between sunspot activity and the Earth’s climate.  The last 3 years have shown a steep decline in sunspot activity.  We haven’t seen a decrease like this since the early 1900’s.  Scientists – real ones, not Al Gore – note that our general warming trend has stopped and reversed.  A repeat of the 17th century 70-year sunspot drought and the massive drop in global temperatures would certainly put a damper on the global warming crowd and the CRU.

Cap and Trade creating a nation of serfs?

That’s what Stanislav Mishin and Mat Rodina think in their piece in Pravda.  Read the English version here, titled America Creates Serfdom Through Cap and Trade.  It’s really interesting to see this stuff through another set of eyes, especially sets of eyes on the other side of the world.  Mishin and Rodina see Cap and Trade for what it really is: yet another way for the government to exert control over the people.

Climategate news from our Russian friends

Climategate just keeps getting more widespread and impossible for those involved to deny.  Check out this article by James Delingpole at the Telegraph, and also the news release posted on ICECAP here.

Btw, ICECAP is a new site that I came across while reading various articles about Climategate.  Check it out – lots of good information about Climate Change.  I especially like the FAQ and Myths section – very concise answers to various questions.  Lots of links to other material if you want to read further.

I’m wondering when the avalanche of evidence is going to finally get the attention of our leaders?  Why are we still entertaining speeches by Al Gore?  Why are we still talking about Kyoto?  Why haven’t we put environmental legislation on hold and started investigating the CRU for corruption to get to the bottom of all of this?