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California’s Prop 8

Normally I try to avoid the whole subject of gays and same-sex marriage.  I definitely have an opinion on it, but it’s one of those things that’s just not worth arguing about. You’re not going to convince or convert anyone over to your side, so what’s the point? Spend your time and efforts in other areas, like electing conservatives to Congress to try and save our country from Marxism.

However, the California Prop 8 case is in the news, and so many people are commenting on it that I thought I’d line out my views on the matter. Here goes.

As a Catholic, and a pretty conservative one at that, I believe that homosexuality is against God’s will. However, ALSO as a Catholic, I am not crusading against homosexuals in my neighborhood. I’m not trying to run them out of town, and I’m not trying to convince them of the error of their ways. That’s their problem.

I feel that the big reason many Christians have a problem with same-sex marriage is that to us, marriage isn’t just a civil contract. It’s one of our sacraments, given to us by God to follow. It’s a holy rite at which we are blessed by God. For a same-sex couple to become “married” is an affront to our beliefs, since someone who is with sin should not be receiving sacraments until he repents.

So where does this leave us? Well, I’ve always thought it made sense to allow “civil unions”. Come up with a “civil union” license with is binding for all legal purposes just like a marriage license is.

The problem is, as much as that makes sense to me and many like myself, the idea has never caught on in the pro-same-sex-marriage ranks. They say things like, “we should have the legal right to medical information and visits if our partner is in the hospital”. Yet when someone suggests civil union licenses that would cover all of their complains, the idea is brushed aside. My feeling is that regardless of all their rhetoric, the people pushing the whole idea of same-sex marriage are really focused on one thing, and that’s to force everyone else to accept their lifestyle whether they agree with it or not.

We’re constantly inundated with the gay lifestyle on television, in the movies, and in the news media. Hollywood liberals manage to insert homosexual characters or traits or even outright behavior into almost every show or movie that hits the screen. The goal is to numb us to the point where we’re so used to it that we don’t even notice it anymore.

When that happens, they’ll push their next agenda on us.  I wonder what that will be?

Dinner at St. Rose

St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church

I figure since Aaron put in a plug for the most recent St. Rose activity, I should too.  It’s a great bunch of people and a good cause.  Where else can you get home-cooked food for $6 per person?

The dinner and raffle is tomorrow, Jan 24, so don’t miss it!

See St. Rose’s website here for a description of the dinner and raffles.  If you need a raffle ticket, let me know.

Good news!

I recently wrenched the you-know-what out of my right ankle.  I’ve never had a broken bone – at least not identified by an x-ray as such – but this was starting to have me worried.  I wore a brace for several days, and although it was feeling better, it was still swollen and very tender.

Anyway, 3 X-ray shots later and I’m told there are no broken bones.  I’m supposed to wear the brace as tight as I can for the next week, 24 hours a day, and see how things go.  Can’t say I’m liking that too much, but I sure am glad I’m not sitting here in a cast with crutches.

Ug. Holidays are just about over.

We should always find something to give thanks for.  This year I’d like to give thanks that our holidays are fairly well-compressed into a short time period, rather than some previous years where it seems like things are just never quite over.  This year our first present opened was Christmas morning and our last family gathering will be Jan 2.  Thank you, Lord. 

But seriously, I think this time of year is a time to reflect upon what is past and to look towards the future.  We had a couple health scares this year with a few of the kids that, luckily turned out well.  However, they were basically a cold slap-in-the-face reminder that I’ve not thanked the Lord nearly enough for how well we’ve had it.  For the most part, we’ve all been healthy and happy and had plenty of “stuff” to keep us occupied.  Not everyone in this world has had it so easy this year or in years past, and I’m going to try and remember that each and every day of this new year.

Duck Dreamin’

I happen to be the foremost expert on Duck Dreamin’, as well as Darkness and monsters in my house.  My kids can vouch for me if you doubt.

For some strange reason, my son, who is now 8, used to dream a lot when he was 3-4 about ducks.  Ducks on ponds, ducks flying, ducks just about everywhere.  He wasn’t particularly worried about them.  They didn’t  make him wake up screaming or anything.  He’d just tell us in the morning about the ducks and what they were up to.

Well, he’s older now and has gotten over that.  He’s been replaced, however, with 3-year and 5-year old daughters with just as much imagination.  Both are afraid of the dark.  The 5-year old is worried about monsters, but the 3-year old is plagued by – surprise surprise – ducks!  Not only that, her ducks aren’t as nice as my son’s were years ago.  No, hers are supposedly trying to get to her.

It’s weird how kids get these ideas.  They aren’t born afraid of the dark, and I’ve made sure we’ve never teased about that, because I didn’t want to get something started.  I’m assuming it’s something kids tell each other – maybe older ones trying to spook the younger ones.

Anyway, I’m the expert, so I had to explain to my girls the rules that dream animals have to operate under.

1) Dream animals absolutely cannot penetrate blankets.  Any body part covered by a blanket is safe.

2) Your face is safe even outside of blankets, because there aren’t any tasty parts on your face.  Dream animals are after better treats, like fingers and toes.

3) Lastly – and this is the most important thing to remember – the worst thing a dream animal can possibly do to you is wake you up.

Commentari Mei -> Buttered Ham!

For those of you who frequent my brother’s site, “Commentari Mei”, he’s just renamed it to “Buttered Ham” and placed it at a new URL.  Check my Links for an updated link.  I’ll let you read his article on why he moved it and why he named it “Buttered Ham”.

I’ve thought about splitting this blog in two – personal items into one, politics into another – but I have a hard enough time finding time to write articles for one blog as it is.  My tech site over at gets neglected already, although I DO have good intentions and plans for it.

With the weather cooling off, I should have more time on my hands.  No more grass to mow, garden to hoe, fishing places to go…  Yeah, that last one was a stretch.

Relaxing fishing trip?

Took the family fishing today, out at Siloam Springs State Park.  If you don’t know the area, Siloam is generally east of Liberty:

View Siloam Springs State Park in a larger map
Siloam is a pretty nice place. Decent-size spring-fed lake, campgrounds. Only problem is I’ve never had much luck fishing there. I know there are fish, as I’ve seen them caught by other people. I just can’t seem to catch them myself. I get annoyed and end up fishing in my parent’s farm pond the rest of the year, which usually is a gimme as far as fishing is concerned.

But, once a year I get the itch to try Siloam again. The last few years haven’t exactly been Babe Winkelman-time, if you know what I mean. Since we’ve got little kids still, we generally just fish off the boat docks with worms. There are lots of little fish there to eat your worms all day long. the water is usually clear enough that you can watch them do it. The kids got to play for awhile. One of the older kids managed to pull out a foot-long largemouth, but that was the highlight. Since we just caught the one fish and it was marginal on the slot size, we tossed it back and went home empty-handed.

I may try Siloam again this year, but I’ll have to do it without the whole family. With the wife and 5 kids swinging poles around, it can get pretty nerve-wracking. She’s trying to keep track of the 2-year-old, and I’m helping the other 4 when they need it. I’m pretty much a non-stop baiting station.

Tomorrow we get to spend some time at my parents, so the kids should be able to pull some big fish out of their pond. I’ve always been big on making sure kids catch fish once in awhile – more often the younger they are – to keep them interested. If they don’t catch anything, after a few trips they’ll stop wanting to go.

Hallelujiah, still not sick!

It’s Friday morning and I’m still not sick!  Every one of the kids has had stomach flu this week, and Alaine isn’t feeling too great herself, but I’m taking the tack of refusing to get sick.  So far it’s either working or I’m just coasting along on dumb luck.

I like to think it’s a combination of lo-carb dieting, multi-vitamins, and a positive attitude.