Stupid human tricks

I wrote a short piece a few days ago about my experience at a local restaurant drive-through and the nose-piercing that greeted me there.  Well, I didn’t get moving fast enough this morning to make breakfast at home, so I found myself in the same drive-through again.  Luckily, this time the line was short and so was the wait.

No piercings at the window!  But wait….  instead of piercings, this girl had tattoos.  Now, I’m not against tattoos on principle.  I think a tasteful tattoo in a discreet is okay.  A small flower, heart or butterfly on a girl’s ankle or shoulder can be kinda cute.  However, this girl was sporting a ring of letters around her left wrist, in a band about an inch wide.  I’m not sure what it said, and I really didn’t care.  She also had something on her right inside forearm.  I’m assuming if she had two out in the open she probably had others.

The first thought that popped into my head was, “Good luck working for minimum wage the rest of your life.”  She could smart and a hard worker, but if she goes into an interview with a tattooed wristband of words, she’s going to get put at the bottom of the pile.  Is that fair?  Maybe not, but the reality is that people for the most part do not react well to things like piercings and tattoos.  Employees are the face of of a business, and no business owner is going to hire someone to represent their company if they think that will tarnish their image.

A few days ago I was in Walmart and saw a young woman with a bunch of blue stars, around 6 or 7 about 1/2 inch tall each, tattooed to her temple just behind her left eye.  I’m sure she’s destined for greatness.

7 thoughts on “Stupid human tricks”

    1. Hmm. Are you saying that the rest of the US doesn’t have lots of piercings and tattoos, or are you saying the rest of the US isn’t as concerned about appearance when hiring workers?

      I picked up some groceries at HyVee this evening. The kid bagging for the next register over had a big black grommet in his ear. It didn’t really look bad, but it did look a little loony. Is that supposed to make a statement, and if so, what? “I like grommets?” “My earlobes are nice and stretchy?”

  1. It means he is an individual and no where does it say he can’t do this. He is not forcing you to do it? I am saying the midwest tends to be more to the right in its views. Maybe other workers are more concerned if they can do the job. Times are changing.

    1. I never said a person couldn’t have tattoos or piercings. That kind of freedom is what makes this country great. That same freedom lets me choose what types of people I want to be associated with. Based on your comments on this site, you are obviously liberal in your thinking. I am obviously conservative.

      Whether “times are changing” or not, there is still a large conservative population in this country that has traditional values. Whether they like or dislike tattoos themselves, employers aren’t willing to risk losing customers, however few, because someone wants to “express themselves”.

  2. Those darn Beattles and their long hair. They are going to ruin our country.

    If a doctor is working on you in an ER and you look up and see an ear ring are you going to ask for another doctor?

    1. Andy, are you just looking to pick a fight? Please, go back and read what I said. Hint: I DID NOT SAY long haired men would ruin our country – although Beatles music is just awful. In fact, I never mentioned hair at all. Maybe you have some kind of deep-seated aggression towards hair that’s coming out of your sub-conscious?

  3. Well as you say “I think, therefore I am. At least I think I am.”

    I guess we will just have to say if everyone thought the same this country would be boring. I will have to say somethings you say I agree with. Now pick yourself off the floor.

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