Buffalo Gnats are back.

Black Fly Yes, the darn little critters are back again this year.  I’ve already gotten bitten twice – once on my scalp and once under my right ear.  The little buggers sure cause a big swelling, especially on my scalp where the swelling has nowhere to go but out.  It lasts a long time too, lumped up and itchy.

The common solution around here in west-central Illinois has been vanilla.  Never tried it myself, but that’s what everyone says to use.  This year someone told me to pick up some Buggins at the local Gamemasters store.  I’d never heard of it before, but here it is:  Buggins Vanilla Mint & Rose.  Based on that, I’d say people were on track with the vanilla home-remedy.

Apparently the buffalo gnat is really a black fly.  Blood-sucking little disease-carrying vermin.  Get your Buggins or vanilla extract or whatever bug repellent you like – these things can spread disease.

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