Can Illinois government be any more stupid?

H/T Illinois Review:

At first I thought it was a joke.  At least it sounded like one.

The tall woman with long brown hair walks up the front steps to her best friend’s house and rings the bell. Her friend opens the door and the tall woman gives her a little hug before entering the premises. Out by the hedge something moves. The door closes and from behind the hedge crawls a slight man with a a badge and a stainless steel comb. The little man crawls with cat-like stealth around the side of the house and perches himself where he can see through the kitchen window. “Aha!” he softly proclaims. He touches the button on his headset and whispers, “The hen is in the fox-house. Repeat, the hen is in the fox-house!” In his headset, he hears a female voice, “maintain your position until backup arrives.” “Roger!” is all the little man replies. The voice on the other end responds, “I know your name, just wait where you are!”

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Yes, our bonehead Illinois government has passed a law to cover the regulation of hair-braiders.  Apparently the business of hair-braiding was out of control in Illinois.

I’ve always thought the whole barber license thing was a complete joke.  It’s an obvious scam to collect fees from people so the government can spend more money on social programs.  Not enough money to spend?  Regulate something else and charge license fees.  This time it’s hair-braiding.

What will it be tomorrow?  A license to mow lawns?  How about a license to clean houses?  With the liberals in charge, what part of our lives will the government NOT be involved in?

Remember November, people!  We’ve got to stop this insanity before it gets any worse.

3 thoughts on “Can Illinois government be any more stupid?”

  1. I’m kind of amazed sometimes that we still can do programming—even tinker with servers that run million-dollar businesses—without a single license or permit from the government. I guess that’s the advantage of working in a field that hasn’t existed for long, so they haven’t gotten around to us yet.

    1. I don’t know, I’ll blame that one on the heat and rain.

      Apparently some online dictionaries are okay with “stupider”. However, the more that I look at it, the more I agree with you that I should have said “more stupid”.

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