Cassy Fiano interviews the “Cigar Marine”

H/T Cassy Fiano:

I happened across Cassy Fiano’s site the other day and added it to my links.  Today she has a great interview with Nick Popaditch, the “Cigar Marine”.  He’s running for Congress in California, and sounds like the kind of conservative leader we need in Illinois to clean up this state.  We’re getting a few really good leaders in the running, like Bobby Schilling and Cedra Crenshaw. We just need more.

One thought on “Cassy Fiano interviews the “Cigar Marine””

  1. That was a great review! Popaditch’s book “Once a Marine” is great (I see it made the commandant’s Recommended Reading List for all categories–impressive.) His campaign website is I just sent him $25.00 even though I don’t live in his state. I am helping a lot of good conservatives around the country. Read his book and then help this guy out.


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