California’s Prop 8

Normally I try to avoid the whole subject of gays and same-sex marriage.  I definitely have an opinion on it, but it’s one of those things that’s just not worth arguing about. You’re not going to convince or convert anyone over to your side, so what’s the point? Spend your time and efforts in other areas, like electing conservatives to Congress to try and save our country from Marxism.

However, the California Prop 8 case is in the news, and so many people are commenting on it that I thought I’d line out my views on the matter. Here goes.

As a Catholic, and a pretty conservative one at that, I believe that homosexuality is against God’s will. However, ALSO as a Catholic, I am not crusading against homosexuals in my neighborhood. I’m not trying to run them out of town, and I’m not trying to convince them of the error of their ways. That’s their problem.

I feel that the big reason many Christians have a problem with same-sex marriage is that to us, marriage isn’t just a civil contract. It’s one of our sacraments, given to us by God to follow. It’s a holy rite at which we are blessed by God. For a same-sex couple to become “married” is an affront to our beliefs, since someone who is with sin should not be receiving sacraments until he repents.

So where does this leave us? Well, I’ve always thought it made sense to allow “civil unions”. Come up with a “civil union” license with is binding for all legal purposes just like a marriage license is.

The problem is, as much as that makes sense to me and many like myself, the idea has never caught on in the pro-same-sex-marriage ranks. They say things like, “we should have the legal right to medical information and visits if our partner is in the hospital”. Yet when someone suggests civil union licenses that would cover all of their complains, the idea is brushed aside. My feeling is that regardless of all their rhetoric, the people pushing the whole idea of same-sex marriage are really focused on one thing, and that’s to force everyone else to accept their lifestyle whether they agree with it or not.

We’re constantly inundated with the gay lifestyle on television, in the movies, and in the news media. Hollywood liberals manage to insert homosexual characters or traits or even outright behavior into almost every show or movie that hits the screen. The goal is to numb us to the point where we’re so used to it that we don’t even notice it anymore.

When that happens, they’ll push their next agenda on us.  I wonder what that will be?

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