Will the propaganda signs go away? I doubt it.

It’s hard to miss the Recovery Act Stimulus signs if they’re in your area. They’re big, obnoxious, and pointless – unless you’re a Democrat regime bent on convincing the public that you helped them in some way.

Rep.¬†Aaron Schock has gone after the stimulus signs in Illinois, calling them “the height of narcissism”. They’re also a waste of money, since they don’t provide any real information – they just promote the program itself.

Apparently, pressure from Rep. Darrell Issa has forced certain agencies to change their rules to make the signs no longer required. However, they are still “strongly encouraged”, which is code for “we’re not gonna make you do it, but you had better do it, if you know what I mean – wink wink”.

In our area, we got to look at a couple big annoying signs while one of our streets was re-paved. Oddly, no one who lives on or travels the street thought it needed re-paving. They assume some “person of importance” must live there, which is how things usually work around here. While that street was getting re-paved, the streets in my area haven’t been touched in the 10 years that I’ve lived there. We have grass growing up through cracks in the pavement, no curbs, no sidewalks, and a patchwork of concrete and asphalt patches on top of patches. Apparently the people on my street aren’t important enough to be bought off with new pavement.

Don’t look for the signs or the stupidity to go away any time soon, and definitely don’t expect it if you don’t get your butt off the couch and educate yourself before the elections in November. If the Obama/Pelosi/Reid triumvirate stays in charge, it’s just gonna get worse.

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  1. Those make me think of other countries where you’d frequently see big signs reminding you how government was taking care of you: the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, North Korea, Saddam’s Iraq…. I guess at least ours don’t have the president’s face on them.

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