Hare on the defensive

There’s a good synopsis over at RedState about how Phil Hare is starting to panic. ¬†When you look at what’s happened with Hare over the last year, it’s no wonder:

The guy is obviously scared to death that he’s going to lose his job. We’re planning on replacing him with Bobby Schilling in November.

Currently Schilling is leading by small margins in various polls. There’s not much point in referencing the polls and the actual margins, since they change constantly. The point is that it’s still a close race. How do we widen the gap and make sure Hare is looking for a new job soon?

The biggest problem is probably the makeup of the 17th Congressional district in Illinois.

Illinois 17th Congressional District

Only in Illinois can you see gerrymandering like that, folks! Basically what we have here is a district that was carefully crafted to make it solidly Democrat while at the same time locking up as many GOP areas as possible. The intent is to keep the conservative rural areas from being able to swing enough votes to have any effect on government. It’s Chicago machine politics at it’s most brilliant and also most corrupt.

The only thing they couldn’t plan for was the trio of Obama, Pelosi and Reid combining together to put this country on the fast track to ruin. The power grab by the Progressives (or Liberals or Statists) has been so heavy-handed and brutal that people who would otherwise not have gotten involved have woken up. Districts like the 17th are suddenly in play, and may very well end up GOP.

If you’re someone who wants to put Phil Hare on the unemployment line, there are several things you need to keep in mind:

1) This isn’t a gimme for Schilling. This race could go either way at this point.

2) Your vote counts. Your neighbor’s vote counts. In districts like this one, many people have become discouraged because in election after election, they voted only to find out that the Democrat strongholds in the urban areas made it seem pointless. It’s important to get out of that mindset and to get those around you out of it as well.

3) This has national implications. To stop and hopefully repeal the damage the Democrats have done under the Democrats, we need every seat we can get in Congress. That means we can’t take ANY race for granted. We need to work hard to win them all, and hope that when the dust settles we’ll have what it takes.

So get off your couch! Talk to your friends, neighbors, family – explain to them why you’re going to vote conservative. Sure, some might be die-hard liberals and impossible to convince, but there will be others that could go either way, or might normally not vote. Offer to give them a ride. Offer to watch their kids while they go vote. Help them understand the differences between Schilling and Hare. Make sure they understand the enormity of what is happening and how important it is that we change course before the USA as we know it is gone.

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  1. Unfortunately, we can’t blame the Dems for gerrymandering this particular district. This was done, in part, by Denny Hastert years ago. Hastert’s logic was to give the Dems this seat with the hopes by picking up more seats elsewhere.

    I know this b/c I’ve been one of the many who have tried to get a GOP person in this seat. You’ll have just as much fun as running into a garage door!

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