To fight the fire or not fight the fire?

H/T The New American:

There’s been a lot of talk lately about an incident in Tennessee where firefighters let a house burn down because the owners hadn’t paid their fee. Long story short, the city fire department has had a policy for years that those living outside the city can pay $75 per year for fire protection. This person forgot to pay in, and therefore they didn’t get helped.

Some have pointed to this as an example of conservatism in the extreme. The family should have been more self-reliant. The rules are the rules and that’s just how it is! They should have paid!

I grew up in a rural area, and the fairly small city that I live in now is surrounded by rural fire districts, mostly volunteer. These volunteer firemen are conservatives – gun-0wners, hunters, Christians. There’s no way they would stand by and let a house burn to the ground in front of them. They and the neighbors would try to put it out with buckets and garden hoses before they would let that happen.

What happened in Tennessee was unnecessary and wrong. Yes, there have been valid points made, such as “if we let everyone get away with paying their fee AFTER the fire happens, no one will pay UNLESS there is a fire”. But those points could have been addressed the next day, not made while someone’s home was turning into ash.

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