An amazing show of faith

We’ve all followed the spectacular rescue of 33 mine workers trapped in a mine in Chile for 69 days. It was an uplifting story in more ways than one. 33 people managed to work together to survive for 17 days, not knowing if anyone knew they were still alive or if they would be rescued. People all across the world pitched in to do whatever necessary to save them. They didn’t whine, they didn’t sit around talking about it – they took action and made it happen.

The other story is about faith. The miners used their faith in God to help them through the ordeal. They didn’t sit around moaning about how God “let” them get trapped. They didn’t complain that God wasn’t helping them quickly enough. Instead they waited patiently and prepared themselves for the day when they would be saved. When that time came, they gave all glory and thanks to God for the gift of life that they were given.

This story can be seen as a metaphor for our lives here on earth. In a way, we are the miners trapped here in the darkness. We’re waiting for God to save us, but in the meantime we need to give Him thanks for the gifts that He has given us. We need to prepare for the day when he pulls us from the darkness into the light.

So many have lost their way in the darkness. They have given up hope and have turned away from God. When He comes to save us, they will be left behind. We need to be like Luis Urzua, the shift supervisor from the mine, who encouraged the men to fight to survive and prepare for their rescue. We need to encourage those around us who have turned away from God to come back to Him.

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