What is so hard about a 4-way stop?

We have a 4-way stop here in Quincy at 48th and State that has gotten some attention recently because it gets pretty congested at certain times of the day. Basically the local community college combined with normal traffic patterns of people going back and forth to work can slow traffic. Congested, however, is a relative term. Driving 25-30 mph for 20 miles in a work zone outside St. Louis is congested. When there is a wreck in that traffic and everyone has to funnel into fewer lanes, that’s congested.

Having to take your turn in a line of maybe 20-30 cars at a 4-way stop is a minor annoyance at worst.

Apparently this “congestion” is just too much for people. It’s so frustrating to them that they lose the ability to drive. Tonight traffic was a little slower than usual, due to the aftermath of an accident. Someone managed to t-bone a little SUV hard enough to not only dent the rear passenger side, but break the suspension bad enough so the wheel was up against the frame. How hard is it to navigate a 4-way stop? Wait your turn, proceed with caution, stop if someone is being an idiot! How fast can you possibly be moving after stopping at the sign? I’m guessing this bonehead had to pretty much gun it to cause that much damage.

The problem with the intersection isn’t the cars, it’s the people driving them.

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