Video Game Review – Fizzball

I’m trying to get my son interested in writing online game reviews.  One, he doesn’t like to write, so this would give him an incentive, and two, I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a review site written by a 7-year-old.

However, I’m going to have to help him a lot to get him going, and this first post at least, will be written by me.

The first game he wanted to review is called Fizzball.  It’s accessible for free demo download from Nick Arcade.  Free demo meaning it runs for maybe 60 minutes and then shuts off.

Fizzball is basically a block-breaker at it’s heart.  Throw a bunch of stuff at the top, put a paddle at the bottom, bounce a ball through the stuff until it’s gone.  Add some power-ups, it’s more fun.  Fizzball’s angle is that it has a story line that you are rescuing animals from a doomed planet or something.  The bouncing ball is actually a bubble that gains size as it picks up stuff.  It smashes things like barrels and fences and boxes, and it tries to pick up animals.  If it’s too small, it bounces off the animal until it picks up enough smaller animals to gain size to pick up the large animals.  Start with butterflies, work your way up to cows.

There’s the usual range of power-ups – speed changes, paddle size changes, some lightning bolts…

Overall, not a bad game, especially since it’s pretty much just a Breakout adaptation, but hardly something I’d pay for.  The kids had to keep waking me up when I was playing because it was getting boring and I was nodding off.  I think it wasn’t getting more difficult quickly enough to stay interesting.

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