You just never know…

It’s always interesting to see what gets the most hits on a blog. I write a lot of political stuff, and once in awhile I get some traffic, but up until lately my big numbers were always to an article I wrote about problems in public schools.

Over the last few days, however, my traffic shot up by somewhere around 900%. In only lasted a few days and then died back down, but it was interesting to note that pretty much all of it was due to people doing searches for Mila Kunis. If you don’t know, Kunis is an actress probably best known for her role as Jackie in That 70’s Show. I wrote an article about my Top 10 Hot Actresses and included Kunis. Apparently she was in the news for a few days because she’s working on a movie called Black Swan in which she kisses Natalie Portman. The spike in traffic was undoubtedly related to the buzz that created in the entertainment world.

Now, if I were smart, I’d figure out how to capitalize on that and write some more articles about Mila Kunis, since she’s in the news. The problem is, I’m just not all the interested in entertainment news in the first place. I can’t bring myself to churn out articles about subjects I don’t care about just to drum up hits.

So, back to writing about stuff that interests me, and hopefully like-minded people will find me interesting!

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