Another wonderful Walmart experience…

No, not really.

We tend to do most of our usual grocery shopping at Walmart. It’s not that I’m a huge fan, but there are a few things that make Walmart attractive for families. Low prices and everything all in one place makes it hard to beat. Some of the other grocery stores have added other things like diapers, toilet paper, shampoo, etc… but they just don’t have the selection and prices that Walmart has. At the same time, some of the retail chains like Kmart have added some groceries, but again just don’t have everything we need.

Walmart has it’s problems, however. In our town, it’s known for attracting freaky people. If you want to see all kinds of piercings, tattoos and odd clothing styles, Walmart is the place to be. Our store also seems to be bad about running out of one particular item. Not necessarily one brand, but all of the item. Tonight I think it was dry noodles. The shelves were almost completely picked clean of every brand and width of noodle. Sometimes it’s bread. Once it was cheese. It’s as if the person ordering just completely forgot to order that section.

We had a horrible cashier tonight. I’m not sure if she was half-asleep or stoned. She kept trying to make small-talk with us, but she was so out of it that we couldn’t understand her. She was also one of the cashiers that don’t like to use the automatic conveyor. They leave it off and reach for items until they can’t reach any further, then they finally hit the switch to bring things closer, and then turn it off again. This has the side-affect of keeping me from unloading my cart right away, which means I can’t get to the bags quick enough. If I can’t get to the bags, she runs out of room until I can start putting bags in the cart. Since the cart isn’t empty, I can’t do that…. You get the idea.

So, our cashier wouldn’t use the conveyor. She was also the slowest cashier that I’ve ever seen. I could have added the prices up on paper faster than she scanned things. It also took forever for her to put the stuff in bags. When she scanned the eggs, for some strange reason she stacked them on the corner of the scanner. Then she almost knocked them off on the floor. She started to put them in a bag, and then after she had 3 dozen in the bag, she tried to put in the 4th. Since that one wouldn’t fit, she had to take it and the 3rd back out to put them in another bag. Apparently the bags needed to be tied shut for some strange reason. She double-bagged almost everything else, which took ages because she couldn’t get the bags open.

If you need a job, apply at Walmart. Apparently they’ll take anyone, no matter how bad they are at their job.

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  1. That is why I don’t like Walmart. Have you ever asked someone where something is? They have no idea. Also we live closer to HyVee. At least when I can’t find something they can find or know where it is.

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