And we’re the intolerant ones?

We’re constantly being told how intolerant we are towards Muslims. Sites like this one post supposed “facts” pointing to increases in hate-crime towards Muslims. Of course, they get their facts from CAIR, known for it’s ties to Hamas, which isn’t exactly known for it’s own tolerance.

Recently in a Turkish cemetery, a Christian was moved to a different gravesite due to complaints by Muslims. Apparently he was too close to their departed, and was causing them grief. Somehow the dead Christian was making it hard for them to perform their Muslim prayers. Interestingly enough, he was buried with both Christian and Muslim rites, due to his acceptance of both religions and desire to encourage the same tolerance that these objectors reject.

Can you imagine if someone requested a Muslim grave be moved for the same reason? How about the grave of a homosexual or a person of another race? No, that would never happen, because WE’RE not the ones running around preaching jihad and the death of infidels. We just want people to do their own thing and leave each other alone.

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