Once again, stupidity rules the day.

H/T Mankato Free Press:

Here’s another case of do-gooders doing what they do best. Pre-schoolers at a Head Start in Minnesota won’t be visited by the local Santa because someone supposedly complained that it offended their Muslim beliefs.

A private citizen (yes, a citizen, since you just never know these days) has been donating his time and money to bring a little fun to the kids at the Head Start. A couple short half-hour vists – nothing excessive. Apparently some Somali immigrants complained because they don’t celebrate Christmas.

Amazingly enough, people are surprised that the Head Start administrators gave in. I’m surprised that Santa and Christmas were being allowed there in the first place. I doubt they’re saying the Pledge of Allegiance in the mornings either.

There are several solutions to this problem that would have occurred to normal rational people. One would have been to warn the parents ahead of time so they could make arrangements for their kids to go to a different room while Santa visited. Another would have been to invite the Muslim equivalent of Santa – whatever that is – to visit the class as well.

In the name of tolerance, we avoid offending the few by punishing the many. How far we have fallen.

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