The reason for evil.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the shooting in Arizona. Whenever something tragic happens and innocent lives are lost, it brings up the question of why there is such evil in the world.

Some would argue against the existence of a God for just this reason, that God would surely not allow such evils to come to His children. Those people fail to see the beauty and goodness in others, and only focus on the bad.

Without darkness we would not understand light. Without cold we would not know the meaning of hot. Without evil we would not know of good. We need to see both good and evil and choose for ourselves which path to follow. The path of right leads us to God and love, whereas the path of evil leads to eternal damnation. God could have made us like cardboard cutouts, simply standing where we are told to stand, but then we would be unable to love Him. We need to give our love freely to Him just as He does to us.

We are asked to avoid evil, to drive it out, to fight against it in our daily lives. Sometimes that fight is personal, such as resisting the temptation to lie or cheat on a test, for instance. We may see someone being mistreated and be hesitant to get involved. A few may be called to join in a bigger fight, maybe to protect innocents from genocide in another country, or to add our voices to challenging abortion rights.

Regardless of how significant the choice may seem, we must make it ourselves. No one can choose for us. Ultimately we will answer for that choice.

2 thoughts on “The reason for evil.”

  1. I agree but I struggle with why must the Innocent have to suffer? The nine year old girl that was killed by evil had so much to give this world.

    1. I wish I knew. Sometimes I think maybe her suffering was slight compared to her reward in heaven. Maybe her death will have an positive impact on others. A friend of mine suffers from a handful of bizarre diseases, and I think her faith and example has definitely helped those around her. We can only hope.

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