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I don’t get very many phone surveys, and the few that I have gotten leading up to the last elections have been pretty fair. They’ve had straightforward yes or no answers, and haven’t intentionally tried to lead me to certain responses.

However, today (on Sunday of all days, which annoyed me) I took a phone survey about the EPA. It was obviously skewed heavily pro-EPA, based on the questions and the explanations leading up to them. I’ll skip right to the third question, which is the last one I heard before I hung up. It was something like this:

“The EPA is the only protection we have against pollution being released by corporations. Do you feel that pollution standards should be set by our elected officials or by scientists at the EPA? Please answer 1 if you feel that pollution standards should be set by our elected officials or answer 2 if you feel they should be set by the scientists at the EPA.”

This was the last question I heard, because I couldn’t answer it, and there was no way to skip it. My answer, of course, is “neither”. I don’t think politicians understand the subject enough to set the standards themselves, but at the same time I don’t trust the “scientists” at the EPA to set the standards either. The EPA is a huge bloated organization that is heavy on politics and light on real science.

So, I had to terminate the survey. Will my answers be recorded or dumped? Who knows, and honestly, what would it matter? An obviously biased survey like this one will end with the results that they asked for, regardless of reality.

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