You just can’t make some people happy.

I was browsing through articles in the Jerusalem Post when I came across this image:


Keep in mind that I saw the image before I saw the title of the article. I immediately recognized the 5-ring symbol and the word “London”, but other than that, it just looks like a bunch of shapes to me. Apparently I’m naiive. It turns out that the Iranians see the word “Zion” in this mess.

Now, I realize I’m lucky enough to not be from a persecuted people (unless you count my being Catholic), so I’m sure there are things out there that slip past me that would upset others. But isn’t there a point where people are spending all their time LOOKING for things to be upset about? I think sensitivity can turn into paranoia, as we’re seeing here, and paranoia is dangerous. When an entire country is watching their Spaghettios and Alpha-Bits so they can declare jihad if the letters J-E-W line up too closely, there’s not much you can do to reason with them.

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