Moderation is the key.

One of my oldest and least important articles is also my most commented-on. A few years ago I wrote a short piece about Max and Ruby, a kid’s cartoon that I find particularly annoying. Since then I’ve gotten a slow stream of comments, 39 in total. Two days ago, I had 5 comments submitted, all from the same source, and all in the span of 10 minutes.┬áNormally, I’d be thrilled. Unfortunately, I had to trash all 5 submissions. Apparently the person could not form a thought without a healthy dose of vulgar language.

This is why myself and many other blogs moderate comments. My blog is personal, and I don’t want anything on it that will reflect badly on myself. If I didn’t moderate, there would be 5 comments right now on my Max and Ruby article, describing Ruby’s deviant behavior. I’ve been known to selectively edit out a bad word or two from an otherwise useful comment, but in this case I’d have been removing 75% of the text.

It’s sad that there are people in the world who can’t speak normally without cursing. The lack of normal vocabulary seems to be replaced with F-bombs. If you’re going to comment on my blog, keep the dirty mouth to yourself, please. Otherwise you’re wasting your time as I click on the Trash button.


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