Government waste plods on.

New signs have popped up all over the place here in Illinois. Apparently the fed and state have a bunch of money laying around and decided to spend it by replacing signs with new versions. Here’s the first one I noticed.

This sign is our new Speed Limit Ahead, or Speed Zone Ahead sign. This is painfully obvious by the mini speed limit sign along with the giant black arrow.





This is the sign that it replaced. Kinda plain, but it’s worked for years. Did we need to spend money to replace all of these signs? Apparently this is a federal mandate from the US Department of Transportation, one of many parts of the government that just can’t seem to spend money fast enough to keep themselves happy.

2 thoughts on “Government waste plods on.”

  1. What does this sign mean. Is it saying change speed ahead or did it change speed. Because after that sign 1 mile further it was a regular 55 speed zone limit. So is it saying pay attention to the reduce speed ahead

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