School Speed Limit Signs

For years in our area we’ve had the usual School Speed Limits signs. On the bottom of the sign it’s always said, “on school days when children are present”. I’ve never liked that wording because it’s far too vague. Am I supposed to know it’s a school day? If I don’t see any kids does that mean I don’t have to slow down? What about at 10PM at night on a Wednesday while a basketball game is over and kids are walking to cars?

So, I was very pleased several years ago to see new signs where the wording was replaced with a simple, “From 7AM til 4PM”. It’s simple, clear, and easy to obey. Every day of the year, regardless of circumstances, if the time is between 7AM and 4PM, you have to slow down. I don’t like writing checks to the court, so I follow these new signs to the letter. That upsets people following me on a Sunday who assume the signs don’t apply on that day, but as far as I’m concerned, that’s just too bad.

I had thought all the schools in our town had gotten the new signs, with the exception of one south of town that’s a little out of the town proper. However, lately I’ve noticed a sign that was either missed or was changed back to the old version. Oddly enough, it’s part of a school zone where all the rest of the signs are the new “7 til 4” type. In fact, I pass the old sign, go through an intersection, and the pass a new sign.

I’m against spending money for no reason, and in fact just posted an example of where signs are being replaced pointlessly. In this case, it makes sense to fix what is otherwise a confusing situation.


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