Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan

Ever since Herman Cain started rising in the polls, he’s been taking a lot more heat from all different directions. One big target on his back is his 9-9-9 plan, which is his idea how to reform the federal tax code. That’s 9% national sales tax, 9% personal income tax, and 9% business income tax.

Of course, everyone has an opinion on how 9-9-9 is a good idea, a great idea, a bad idea, a disastrous idea… I’ve read quite a bit about it and I can’t say whether it will work or not. But, at least Cain DOES have a plan. I don’t know what Ron Paul’s plan is, or Romney, or Perry… I like Bachman and I don’t know what her plan is. I like Palin (who isn’t running), and I don’t know what her plan would have been. They may have written policy papers, or given speeches, but in the long run Cain’s plan is what sticks in my head. It’s simple and – I hate to say it – catchy, which makes it easy for people to understand. When you combine that with Cain’s clear way of speaking, and I think he has a real shot at the GOP nomination. He’d kind of like Ross Perot without the big ears and the weird mannerisms. People really liked Perot’s business sense and straight talk. If he weren’t so nuts he might have done better.

Does Cain have what it takes? I don’t know. I’m still undecided. I sure wish the other candidates would stop with the doublespeak and lay their ideas out on the table so we could decide based on their merits. What’s the worst that could happen? Candidate X, what is your tax reform proposal? What do you want to do with the EPA? What about opening up ANWAR? Offshore drilling? If you’re gonna go down, at least go down swinging!

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