Movie Review – Gunless

It’s a challenge at times to find good quality movies that can be watched with the family. More often than not, the writers and directors just can’t help sprinkling “colorful” language and nudity on top of what is a really good plot. I’m no prude, but many times the foul language isn’t really necessary for the movie.

So, I’m thrilled when we happen across a film that is really enjoyable and clean at the same time. Friday night we found Gunless on Netflix. Without giving away too much, the story centers around a hardened gunslinger who accidentally ends up in a Canadian town where the people are WAY too nice. The clash between his tough persona and the friendliness of the townspeople makes for a fun time.

I didn’t recognize any big-name actors, but sometimes that’s best. I tend to have a hard time believing a character when all I can picture is other roles the actor has played. When I see John McGinley from Scrubs in another movie, all I can think is, “It’s Dr. Perry Cox!”. Certain actors become too typecast and I just can’t find them believable. Not only that, but I feel that lesser-known actors work harder than the big names.

If you’re watching with kids, just beware of the trailers after the movie. The actors DO curse in the bloopers.

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