The Center of the Universe

Sometimes when I’m not feeling well, I think of the oddest things. I think fever messes with my mind. A few days ago I got to thinking about the infinite vastness of the universe. Yeah, I know, I’m weird.

I’ve always liked math. Number theory, imaginary numbers, Pi, infinity – all very cool stuff. Unfortunately I’m not nearly smart enough to come up with any of my own theories, but I like trying to understand those who came before me, like Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

One part of Einstein’s theory is that of Special Relativity. Special Relativity explains the idea that all motion is relative to the observer, and that there is no set frame of reference. Outside of the math involved, I think the best way I can explain the concept is by example. A child’s frame of reference is their home and local neighborhood. They can move around within it, and their motion is relative to that frame. Early civilizations thought that the earth stood still and that the moon, sun and stars were in motion. Their set frame of reference was the earth and all other bodies were in motion. Astronomers eventually learned that the earth orbits the sun, so they set the galaxy as the frame within which everything moved. Then they discovered multiple galaxies in the universe, so the universe became the frame of reference. With multiple universes, even that frame becomes relative, and so on.

If there are truly an infinite number of universes across an infinite amount of time, then the universe has no bounds, and therefore we cannot reach the end, no matter how long we travel, in any direction.

So, why does this matter? Well, if all motion is relative, then I have no frame of reference within to measure my motion. It is almost easier for me to consider myself static and everything else moving around me. Hence the phrase, “You think the universe revolves around you!”. In a way, it does. BUT, I am the only one who perceives it that way, since every observer has their own frame of reference.

So yes, I am at the center of my universe. And so are you. 🙂

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