Please, don’t bother commenting if you’re a spammer.

I get so annoyed with the idiot spammers coming to my blog. I don’t get a lot of traffic, and not a lot of comments, so I get a little excited when the emails come in telling me I have something new to approve. Then I get the let-down when I find that the waiting comment is some stupid bogus entry that has nothing to do with the article, is completely generic, and adds to value to my site.

When someone comments here, I want them to do one of two things. Either agree with me and add more facts to support what I’ve already said, or disagree with me and present your argument. Anything else is basically pointless noise. Anyone following my blog in an RSS reader doesn’t want to be bothered with a comment that adds nothing.

Because of the relatively low number of comments I get, and because I tend to be very choosy about things like vulgarity, I moderate all comments. GET THAT, SPAMMERS? I MODERATE ALL COMMENTS! You’re not going to somehow trick me into approving you and allowing all future comments from your name to be automatically approved. You’re not going to trick me into giving you free advertising via link on your comment. So don’t bother. Go annoy someone else.


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