So now it’s Israel’s fault?


In Obama’s world, somehow it’s Israel’s fault that the Muslim Arabs in the Middle East don’t like them. According to¬†Howard Gutman, our American Ambassador to Belgium, it’s wrong to hate Jews just because they’re Jews, but it’s justified for Muslims to hate Jews because of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. That’s idiotic, of course, and something that would only make sense to someone who themselves hates the Jewish people. Gutman apparently doesn’t believe that Israel is struggling to survive against a constant attempt by their neighbors to destroy them. If only they could just make peace with the Palestinians, everything would be rainbows and unicorns and the Muslims would have no reason to hate Jews anymore, right?

If you find that a little hard to understand, because Israel isn’t exactly in our back yard, here’s a simpler example from the recent news. A 7-year old is choked by a bully. He defends himself by kicking the punk in the crotch, and now he’s the one being maligned by being accused of sexual harassment.

Back to Israel. Israel is the boy being choked by the bully that is Palestine and the other Jew-hating Arab states. Israel gets tired of not being able to breathe and reacts by kicking it’s enemy in the crotch, and people like Gutman blame Israel for defending themselves.

Soon we’ll be able to vote in a different President and hopefully put a stop to this kind of nonsense. Israel is one of our few real friends, and we can’t afford to lose them.

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  1. The Middle East has been fighting among themselves for thousands of years. No one or country is going to change that. I say just let them go at each and be done with it.

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