Quickie posting because I’m just so darned tired.

Haven’t blogged in awhile, other than to argue with someone in the comments of an article I wrote about public schools. It’s actually a lot of fun to debate someone, although it’s not like it’s possible to convince a true-believer of the error of their ways.

Anyway, I was checking my stats today, and I came across an interesting search term. Someone made their way to my blog by searching for “marijuana chronic diarrhea”. Now, I realize I’ve written quite a few articles, but I didn’t think any combined those terms. I was wrong, and here it is.


One thought on “Quickie posting because I’m just so darned tired.”

  1. I had to laugh when I read this. Someone found my site by searching for “metaphysical meaning of injured toe 10th commmandment”, “enu, amen, amenu/sun god ra”, one key word was actually a phrase of 99 — I kid you not, Ninety-Nine — words, and a few other off the wall, long, rambling phrases.

    God bless

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