Movie review – Middle Men

We watched Middle Men on Netflix last night. I had never heard of it, but it was recommended based on my other rankings.

Middle Men stars Luke Wilson in a serious role as a business consultant of sorts who is hired to fix problems. Through a smarmy lawyer played by James Caan he is put in contact with a pair of complete losers who have more or less stumbled into the idea of the online porn industry. Giovanni Ribisi and Gabriel Macht play the stoned and paranoid losers, who have managed to get involved with Russian mobsters.

Wilson gets the business under control at first, but things eventually start to spiral out of control, both with the Russians and in his personal life. Things reach a boiling point with a few unexpected twists.

This movie is definitely NOT kid-friendly. There is lots of nudity because it is, after all, about the porn industry. There is a lot of vulgar language, violence and “adult situations”.



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