Republican Primary Race Heating Up In Illinois

Well, tomorrow is the big day where we get to vote for Romney or Santorum. I don’t think I’ve ever taken so many calls before an election as for this one. Most of the calls we’ve gotten have been outright just plugging Santorum. A few have focused on specific issues and have been paid for by outside parties that are, “not for a specific candidate”, but are pitching Santorum hard. I took one call that basically started out like a survey, but once I answered that I was picking Santorum, it launched into a pro-Santorum message. I wish I could have ran through all the different possibilities, because as a sometimes computer programmer I’m curious about the intelligence of the survey.

I’m voting for Santorum tomorrow. The last election was depressing with lukewarm McCain, and I’m not doing that again with Romney. McCain lost because he didn’t give people anything to get excited about. When he picked Palin he caused a buzz, because people liked that she was more conservative than he was. But, it wasn’t enough, especially when he failed to capitalize on the excitement. Moderates liked Obama’s smooth delivery, and didn’t see much contrast between him and McCain. Conservatives were disappointed in McCain’s moderate stances and didn’t work hard to elect him. The result was disaster.

This time I’m hoping we can start with a conservative in Santorum. We need the clear distinction between the liberal entitlement anti-American mentality of the Democrats and the pro-America, responsible, self-sufficiency of conservative Republicans. Romney just wants to tout his business experience and doesn’t want to take any real stands on the issues that people care about. Being pro-business isn’t a powerful issue. Being against abortion, wanting to de-fund the EPA, DOE, Dept of Education…. these are the issues that people are passionate about and will fight for.

Get out and vote tomorrow, fellow conservatives. Hopefully you’ll vote for Rick Santorum.

3 thoughts on “Republican Primary Race Heating Up In Illinois”

    1. I’m assuming you pulled a Democrat ballot, which I did not, so I don’t know what your options were for the various offices that were open. Assuming you DID have those candidates to choose from, did you refrain out of apathy/contempt/disgust/….? There have been times in the past where I’ve felt that all the candidates in a primary were equally bad, or had to hold my nose and pick the lesser of two evils.

  1. I pulled on partisan (bad spelling). I really don’t like any of the candidates. There was not much to choose from on either party. I usually vote democratic but this year I don’t know. I am more put off by Congress. The stalemate from both parties is what is souring me. This country was founded on comprimise and by Congresses actions you would never know that.

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