Morons trying to sell essays – don’t bother!

I continue to be deluged with spam comments trying to sell essay writing services. Today’s latest example was for a company at essaysservices dot com.  I refuse to post a link to their site.

Here’s an example of the quality of their services:

Do you try to cope a lot of issues at the same time, but, nothing is finished in time? Probably you do something not correctly?

Needless to say, I don’t think English is the native language of the person posting the comment. I’m assuming they are making 5 cents an hour in a third world country somewhere, doing a cut-and-paste of something they probably can’t even read.

The sad thing is, apparently it’s still a money-maker, or these spammers wouldn’t bother to keep doing it. Someone, somewhere, clicks on the link and pays for a crappy essay because they’re too lazy to do their own homework.

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