Mmmmm….. Dog…..

So, just what is the big deal about eating a dog?

Apparently no one wants to discuss real issues and differences in ideology between Democrats and Republicans, so we’re going to snipe back and forth about who mistreats dogs more – Mitt Romney or Barack Obama.

Romney had his dog ride in a carrier on top of the car. It’s probably not something I would have done, but it’s important to keep things in perspective. I see so-called “dog-lovers” all the time doing things that put their pets at risk. When you’re driving down the road with Fido on your lap, what’s going to happen when you wreck and your airbag inflates? How will it feel to have dog pancake on your chest?

Obama on the other hand admits to eating dog when he was little. He was in a foreign country and was too young to have any preconceived ideas about whether dogs were acceptable for a main course. Again, it’s important to keep things in perspective. In the USA, most dogs are our pets, and therefore we wouldn’t consider eating them. In a country where dogs are classified more as livestock than pet, the idea of dog meat isn’t any different than beef.

Obama’s past dog buffet isn’t the cause of his failed presidency, his liberal socialist policies are. Romney’s dog carrier incident won’t determine his success or failure, his adherence to conservative principles will.


7 thoughts on “Mmmmm….. Dog…..”

    1. Ah, but I never said Romney is a great conservative. RomneyCare is a big-government albatross hanging around Romney’s neck. In fact, I voted for Santorum in the Illinois primary. Conservatives like Palin and Bachmann are more my speed, but Palin decided not to run and Bachmann dropped out before Illinois.

      Now that the primary is pretty much settled, conservatives like myself have to focus in on the good parts of Romney (yes, there are some) and keep in mind that the battle is to replace Obama.

    1. As much as I like Palin and wanted her to run, I don’t blame her a bit for taking the path she has. She can have an impact on policy without being the direct target of everyone on the other side. When you look at how much vitriol is hurled at her now, can you imagine how bad it would be if she were running?

  1. Policy? Do you think the party is taking her seriously? I hate to say this but she can see Russia from her back porch.

    1. Might want to check on that Russia comment. Tina Fey actually said that on SNL. Palin said you can see Russia from Alaska, and you can. Not from just anywhere in Alaska, but from certain parts. The island of Big Diomede is Russian and Little Diomede is part of the USA, less than 2.5 miles apart. She was trying to make the point to several boneheaded journalists that the proximity of the state of Alaska to Russia meant she had some foreign policy experience. How much experience that gave her can be debated, but it was more than Obama had as a voting “present” junior senator from Illinois. What she said was true, and she has been repeatedly ridiculed for the back porch comment that she didn’t say.

      Take the time to read some of her writings at She’s very well-spoken and intelligent, not at all like the MSM would have you believe.

  2. I was just teasing. Don’t you have a joking side? I am sure she is smart but I don’t think she will ever run for office.

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