Considerate behavior gone by the wayside

I used to work on the family farm until I was around 22 years old. Farming almost invariably involves taking large slow-moving equipment out on roads – usually gravel, but sometimes blacktop or highway. One thing I was always aware of was how much danger I was in, since I wasn’t moving with normal traffic speeds. Once I nearly got hit by a car when they crested a hill behind me, saw me too late, and slid to a stop.

What I was more aware of was how I was affecting normal traffic. As someone travelling far under normal speeds, I would gradually collect a line of cars behind me eager to reach their work or homes. Many times it could be a mile or more before a safe passing area would open up. So, I would be CONSIDERATE. I would watch for an opportunity to pull off into a driveway or onto a firm shoulder and let the train of cars get by. I was safer for them, and even safer for me.

Today’s farmers apparently have no consideration for others. I’ve followed tractors and combines for several miles as they zip past side roads, parking lots in small towns, and driveways without a second glance. Look, I realize that you’re working at your job, and you feel that your job is important. That doesn’t mean you own the road, and it’s no excuse for rudeness. Take the 30 seconds to pull over and let the backed up traffic past. It’s the considerate and safe thing to do.

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