Pool League – adjust the rules, please!

Quincy Lite Pool league in Quincy, IL is where I shoot pool.  Not billiards, not straight-pool, but good ole 8-ball.

Around here, almost all bars that have pool tables have 7′ x 3.5′ quarter-fed slate tables.  Automatic roll-down of balls to the foot, cue-ball to the head.  Because quarter-fed tables cannot have balls removed individually to spot, and probably also for less-meaningful reasons, 8-ball here has gradually moved towards 2 different rulesets – League rules and Bar rules.

Bar rules can be boiled down to these variations from normal 8-ball.  All balls made stay in the pockets, even on fouls, due to the table being locked up and having to insert quarters to get to the balls.  You have to call your ENTIRE shot.  As in, “cueball into the 6, 6 into the 9, 9 into the 2, 2 into the side.”  Any, and I mean ANY deviation from your called shot is a miss, if not a foul.  A legal shot is not required to drive a ball to the rail or into the pocket – the shooter and just tap the cueball up against the 5, for example, out in the middle of the table, and be legal, assuming the 5 is their ball.  All fouls are behind the head-string no matter when they happen.  The breaker gets whatever he makes the most of, solids or stripes, but can choose if an even number of each is made.

League rules are basically 8-ball with a few variations.  All balls made stay in the pockets.  League is no-call, except for the 8-ball, which is call-shot (name the ball and pocket it will go into).  8-ball pocketed on the break is a win of the game, rather than a spot.  There is no “safety” shot – a player who makes one of their balls legally must continue to shoot.

As you can see, Quincy Lite rules are much closer than Bar rules to the World Standardized Rules.  If we could only get one more thing…  We need to adopt call-shot.  Call-shot as in call which ball is going in which pocket.  Doesn’t matter how it gets there, as long as it does.  That would eliminate 95% of the slop shots that we have in league.  There’s nothing more irritating that someone slamming the balls around the table and dropping a few of theirs in by luck.  Take the slop out, keep the skill in.

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  1. The only problem with call-shot is that people have to be able to hear you, which can be a problem. I guess pointing to the ball and pocket would work; that’s what we do to call the 8-ball most of the time.

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