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Funny thing about me, I’ve been around the Internet since before WWW, back when it was all gopher, archie, telnet, and sometimes wais.  Yet I’m often the last one to pick up on some new Internet fad.  This time it’s Twitter.

What is Twitter?  It’s one more social networking website in a long list led by Myspace and Facebook.  There are no pages to deal with, no customization.  Just comments.  I post comments, you post comments.  If I choose to read your comments I can comment on your comments and vice versa.  And, here’s the kicker, comments are limited to 140 characters each.

Wierd, huh?  That’s my initial thought, and it hasn’t changed much yet.  After all, as by brother says, very few of my thoughts can be expressed with less than 140 characters.

But, I put all my notions aside and signed up.  During signup, they suggest some people who are already online for you to “follow”.  I picked a known writer, thinking he’d have something interesting to say, at least.  Nope, his “tweets” pretty much consist of random thoughts throughout his day.  No profound comments on life, not even funny jokes.  Just a sentence or two every so often about nothing important at all.

So, the jury’s still out for me on Twitter.  I figure I’ll give it an honest try at least, post a few comments, see what happens.  Maybe it’ll grow on me and I’ll figure out what all the fuss is about.

One thought on “Twitter and Tweets”

  1. It’s grown on me a little. Just a little. It’s kind of fun to see that you got a new follower, although it’s a bummer when you see it’s an obvious marketer following thousands of people figuring a certain percentage will automatically follow him back.

    It’s still hard to think of worthwhile things to tweet, though. Like you say, there’s a lot of, “Here’s what I had for breakfast,” which isn’t all that interesting unless you know the person well. Occasionally there’s something interesting, though, which I guess is the point.

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