I Hate Max and Ruby

It’s a kid’s show on Nick, and I can’t stand it.  Max and Ruby is a show about two bunnies, brother and sister.  Max is 3 and Ruby is 7.  Max is always trying to get away with stuff and Ruby is always trying to make him behave.

What bugs me the most about this show is the complete lack of parents.  A 7-year old apparently takes care of a 3-year old all by herself.  She makes all the decisions on what to do and when to do it.  She gets after Max when he’s bad.  Before I knew the background of the show, I was starting to think she was a teenage un-wed single mother to Max, which would explain why she seemed so young and yet was completely on her own in raising him

Another problem, Max is always trying to get away with something.  Ruby tells him to stop and he just ends up sneaking around and doing it anyway.  Of course, in typical liberal cartoon fashion, even though the child breaks the rules, everything turns out good in the end so there’s no reprocussions for doing wrong.

Overall it’s typical Nick fare.  Kids on their own, no need for parents since the kids are so worldly themselves.  Do yourself and your kids a favor – don’t watch it.

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  1. Agreed. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I don’t like it that the parents are never there. Max never gets disciplined for any of his mischievousness and it pretty much justifies breaking the rules. “It’s okay to do it if you feel like it. There will be no consequences.” Plus it is tiresome to sit there and watch Max get hen-pecked episode after episode by bossy, whiny Ruby. It contributes to the sissification and feminization of young males in this country.

  2. I do NOT let my children watch this show!!! Every episode that I have seen always shows the same thing, Max is always doing things he is not supposed to and getting away with it. He is being raised by his young sister and hardly ever see any guardianship. This show teaches children that it is ok to break the rules.

  3. I want to choke Max. Poor Ruby always tries to teach that little dummy the correct way to do things but he always screws it up! If Max were in my house he would not be pulling half of those pranks.

  4. You all need to get a life….it’s a cartoon. Would you rather they beat on each other or blow each other up? I take it none of you watched The Peanuts cartoons? There was never a parent on the show..only horn blowing. Let’s just say kids watch way too much TV…no matter what the show is!

  5. I agree, but where i disagree is with Max breaking the rules. Max basically lives in a communist China. “WHAT!??!? YOU WANT TO PLAY WITH YOUR TOYS!??!?! NEVER!!!!” I mean Ruby treats max like everything he does screws up her day. she can’t take a day off to actually pay attention to him and let him for once play outside and get a little dirty

  6. I wonder sometimes if Ruby is really Max’s unweb teenage mother. That would explain why she’s so bossy at times and yet so childlike at others. She’s such a terrible parent because she never had anyone to learn from.

  7. I hate this show too. Max needs a big kick in the ass, if not worse. Ruby is annoying too but she has alot of patience. If it were me watching Max I would have lost it long ago.

  8. I hate people look for the communists and liberals in everything. Please get a life, it’s a nice kids show. p.s. my kids are watching max and ruby now.

  9. Gah! Max makes me wanna stab him so much he tries to get away with stuff, and ruby tells him no max you can’t play with that and he ends up getting! That bunny needs to be made into stew! Or spanked hard!

  10. What show are you all watching? Max is the problem solver! He is always solving problems for everyone in a very innovative way. Maybe Ruby should chill out and give him a little more credit and stop breaking Max’s shoes all the time.

  11. I just want to strangle Ruby. What a little bitch. If I was Max I would literally kick her teeth in. My daughter likes this show and just can’t stand to watch it because I’m afraid she’s learning to be a nagging little busy body. My son is 8 weeks old and God help him if his sister learns from this show. We’re cutting it out of our Tivo record schedule.

  12. My son has done the same thing before and started talking like Max. I’m all for cartoons and television shows embracing the diversity of the american family but EVERY child needs a guardian (and not another child!) It’s really just not a great show. I watch kids shows all the time with my sons and I can tolerate the silly and even stupid but this show is unbearable.

  13. You people that think Max is bad are insane. Ruby is so bossy. Max is a basic child that is just trying to have fun. He never wants to do anything insane, he just wants to do kid stuff. On the other hand you have Ruby who kisses her grandmothers ass so much and is such a looser. She acts and dresses like its 1924. I hate her and her looser friends and idiot bunny scout leader.

  14. I’m so glad I found this site and Jason, you have taken the words right out of my mouth! I always wondered where the parents were.. why Ruby was always taking care of her little brother, and if there were no parents why is the grandmother living somewhere else. The biggest thing of all that I can’t stand though is that Ruby will tell Max over and over again not to do something yet he does it anyway. I hate the comment above this one. “..Max is a basic child that is just trying to have fun.” Well children need to be taught right from wrong. All this show teaches you is that if you keep doing what you want even though you’re told not to, something good might end up happening in the end.. like you said it all works out anyway. He gets what he wants! Grr!! I hate that so much!!! Who’s the idiot that came up with this show? Obviously they aren’t a parent..or if they are they are not a very good one!!! I promise you for as long as we own a t.v. my child is NOT EVER going to watch Max and Ruby! GET IT OFF AIR ALREADY!

  15. My problem with the show is that my 3 yr old has started talking like Max (just saying one word). After she walked up to me tonight and just said, “thirsty!”, I decided to cut out all Max and Ruby effective immediately!

  16. I hate Ruby! WE are currently watching it and Ruby is telling Max he can not play in the yard because he is in the way of Rubys soccer game. I can’t stand her! She is never wanting to interact with him she is always trying to do other things and making him play alone. I guess the show plays good self interaction for children without siblings, but Ruby needs to stop being such a bossy little bitch! I wonder if the creators ever stop and think about how they potray these characters to the children.

  17. yes!! ruby is such a bossy bitch!! uggggh!!!!! “no max you can’t play in the water we have to water the vegetables.” aahhhh!! shut the hell up and let the kid play! he doesnt want to do your snooty activities i hate this show so much!!

    lol i feel much better now that i got that off my chest hahaha

  18. how do we get this show off the air? I am with you all, I run a daycare and I can only handle so much of dora or diego, the kids like the new show team umizoomi, but since spring break Nick has been running pre teen shows like icarly which is ok, but not for toddlers. I cant stand max and ruby, because max needs a good spanking and now I hear the 3-4 year olds saying they hate max too because he always breaks the rules and never gets corrected. children have a very keen sense of justice and even they see something is wrong. so now I use the show as a learning in why its wrong to break the rules, you dont want to be like max.

  19. Hmmm, never really thought about it that way. I grew up with some of the max and ruby books and I remember them being appealing because max was really clever. It never really instilled in me the desire to disregard the rules… after all, max is no Bart simpson. However, given that I’m more familiar with the books; maybe the show is adapted differently.

  20. Thx Jason for makeing this page I need somwere were I can tell everyone about this discrase to kids TV………………….. >:-(

    I just want to go and kick the TV when my brother thomas has it on. It has brain washed him! He’s always watching Ruby kik Max around and makeing him play with girls toys. So my brother has turned basicly into a boy version of Ruby! Im goin to make a club about this on facebook and everyone can join and I’ve never met 1 person who likes this show! (well except for my brother)
    Oh and my brother just made us watch the ” Snow Day ” epersoide if you have watched this epsoide then you will agree with me when I say……………
    WTF!?!?!?!?!?!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?1?!?!?!?!?1?!!?!?!?1 HOW THE HELL IS THAT A SNOW DAY!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??
    Max sees the snow outside and wants to go and play in it, like any normal kid would. AND THEN RUBY COMES ALONG AND SEZ ” no no max it awfull blustery today, we call today a snow day and we play INSIDE!!!! ”

    But has anyone else noticed how old fashiond they are!!!
    they dont have a TV
    no ipods
    no sterios
    and no lights!?!? THEY USE CANDLES!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?
    They have one peice of tech in the house is a tetiphone but its one of thoose really old tetephones that they used 1940 !!??

    Also Ruby is such a little brat!!!!!
    she always makes max play with her retarded toys and she is always telling him what to do like shes wis mum!
    that’s another thing have you ever noticed that there are no parents?!?!
    it teaches kids that they can do anything by themselfs!?!? there kids aged 0-7?!?
    all I can say to this program is that its the biggest load of s*** I have ever seen.


    Rabbit Stu…………………… :/

    1. Learn to spell u Loser.
      If you don’t like the show……Easy DON’T WATCH IT. Leave Max and Ruby alone. Its a kids show its not meant to be a documentary on how to raise a child.

  21. This show is no longer allowed in my house. My 3-year-old son loved it and watched it every night. We noticed that he started being sneaky like Max. Soon after, he began using one word to describe or request things like Max does. He would say “crackers” if he wanted crackers whereas before he would use a sentence. Sorry, can’t let a TV show influence my kid to revert back to one-year-old language. Now he is into Caillou, much better.

  22. Okay i just want to say i agree with what most of guys are saying. Ruby is a pain in the ass and max really needs to be punished. But then again this is a cartoon. As most of you others had “Rudely” put down. But think about the kids. They are like sponges. They will soak up the information that the show gives and give it back. Just ask anyone and they’ll tell how their kids act after they saw the show. And my niece and nephew are watching it, So i hope it does not give them any ideas. So i ask that you think before you start writing down. It won’t make you look like a jackass.

    1. for youe imformation is does not make us look like jack-asses we r just giveing out warnings to parents to say under no sircumstances to watch this load of s*** if u serioslly dont see any problems with this disgrace to tv then i suggest u get help

    1. I’m approving this comment because it’s not bad, but it’s pretty pointless regardless. Why go to the trouble of commenting without saying anything useful?

  23. Stupid show. I have a three year old girl and I actually don’t mind watching most of the shows for her age group. I like bubbleguppies lol. But max and ruby is agonizing to watch. Max is retarded, nothing against special people. But its annoying. And yes, ruby is a bitch.

  24. Their parents obviously killed themselves a long time ago, I know I would have! Why doesn’t the grandma step up and take care of these two idiots?! I can’t stand either of them. It’s like dumb and dumber. Ruby is so self-centered and won’t even try to relate to her little brother at all. And Max … wtf?! I’ve never heard the bunny say more than one word per episode and it aggravates the hell out of me. I can’t let my 4 year old son watch it because he starts acting like the little dickhead! He will seriously come up to me and just say what he wants using one word all whiney like. Hell no! How did this show ever get approved for TV? It’s not even visually appealing. If the bunnies were cute, I might be able to tolerate it.

    I think the episode I hate the most is the one where Ruby tries to give the little tard a bath but he keeps managing to dump a tub of sherbet in. It drives me crazy the way she even says the word “sherbet”. And why the hell are you walking away and giving him the opportunity to go get the sherbet again to put back in the bathtub?! Yeah let’s just keep filling up the bath over and over again. Who is paying this bitch’s water bill?

    Does baby Huffington not have a freaking first name or did they actually name him “baby Huffington”? And how the hell is it reasonable to allow Ruby to babysit him when she obviously can’t handle her own household.

    Every episode is exactly the same. Max wants something and Ruby can’t freaking possibly fathom that the little bunny would ever want to do something other than just sit there while she goes about her own stupid bunny life. Usually she totally misunderstands whatever it is that he’s trying to tell her because she doesn’t feel that it’s relevant to whatever idiot plan she has. So they pretty much just go about the whole show ruining each other’s lives until the end when Max says his word of the day one last time and suddenly everything makes sense and it’s all fun and giggles. F that! They both need to be punched in their big stupid ugly bunny heads.

  25. I have to agree so much!
    What really bugs me about the show is that Ruby acts like some weird old lady. Her interests are old and the way she talks to people. It’s weird if she’s supposed to be 7.
    Then you have Max. He might be acting like a little kid, but he’s acting like a stupid little kid. Seriously, stupid. He only says one word? Even my son with a speech delay was speaking in sentences at 3. And he’s sneaky.
    We no longer watch this show

    1. I was never really sure how old Ruby was supposed to be. If she’s old enough to care for Max on her own, then why is she in Bunny Scouts and playing dress-up? I suppose she could be the older sister babysitting Max during the day, but I don’t think there is ever a mention of parents, is there?

      It’s all very odd and creepy.

      1. To add to that, you’re right about Max being sneaky. The bad part is, he never really gets in trouble for it or gets punished. I don’t need my kids thinking that the way to get something is to be sneaky about it. It would be better if Max would learn each time that he would have been better off doing the right thing.

  26. I have seen several if not all episodes of this show. I don’t care what the author claims she is trying to show. A 7 and 3 year old should not be left living alone, and these two are. Max is not retarted he’s 3, and he tries to tell Ruby stuff and she never listens, then she figures out what he is telling her. In any case I have even seen a Christmas eav epsiode leading into Christmas and I thought finally we will see their parents, no they have never been their. Same thing with an easter episode. Other shows have kids doing stuff on their own but it still shows their parents. THese kids need supervision, its not right for them to live in a house on their own, and go into town by themselves.

  27. It’s interesting that this particular show could have the word “liberal” attached to it.

    Consider some of the characters:
    Mr. Piazza: owns and operates a market
    Candi: Owns a candi store
    Rosalinda: Owns a gift shop

    Do you get where I’m going here? Entrepreneurship is held in high regard on this show. You see no union workers, no civil servants, nothing like that.

    And those of you who think the children are living alone are being too literal with what you’re watching. There are parents but for the narrow purposes of these stories, they are not shown. Relax.

  28. I’ve always felt that Ruby is an annoying little apple-polisher. The first thing she does after hopping off a train? Shove a homemade greeting card into her aunt and uncle’s face. It’s not about making them happy; it’s about feeling smug over accomplishments or desperate for praise. Grandma is lazy, too, letting Ruby take total control over readying Max for bed or seeing to her brother’s needs. Ruby expects Max to either keep out of her way or participate in her ‘girly’ activities; she never empathizes with him. Even though Max is willful, some weird form of serendipity allows that everything turns out fine in the end. The time period is inconsistent; Forties appliances and corny old clothes mixed with tai chi projects and multicultural fairs. There’s so much about the show that doesn’t make sense. At least the animation is really pretty…

  29. This show is so stupid. Max doesn’t respect anyone’s boundaries. He still does what he wants even when he’s been told no multiple times.
    Ruby is a bi**h. No way around that. She wants to tell Max what to do all the time. Let him be a kid damn.
    This show is bogus. It’s not real life and no one’s home life is like this. Another show out of England that makes me sick.

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