Spoke too soon

I should have known better than to brag about how I wasn’t going to let myself get sick.  I was good all Friday, even stayed at work Friday night an extra hour to try and wrap up a project I was working on.

By the time I got home, 45 min later, I was starting to cramp up in my stomach and feel soreness in my muscles.  I managed to fall asleep for a few hours, but when I woke up it was worse.  I headed for the bathroom, expecting the worse, but soon realized I was running a fairly bad fever.  I’ve had some experience with bad fevers before.  Years ago I had mono and strep combined with a 104.5 fever that caused me to think I was seeing things that weren’t there.  Several years later I passed out in the shower because the hot water combined with a fever was too much – didn’t wake up until the water ran cold.

I got in the shower and used the water temp to control the fever a little until I thought I wouldn’t pass out.  I ended up going to bed and sleeping all night, finally getting up mid-afternoon today.  Other than a few short waking periods, I’ve been sleeping on and off the rest of the day.  I’m starting to feel better now, although I’m a little concerned because the kids were sick on and off for a few days.

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