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If you follow my blog, you know I’m experimenting with Twitter.  I’m gradually getting the idea of why some people like it so much, but I’m not sold on it’s value to myself or the general population.  It seems like it’s an easy way for some people to get their thoughts out to the world, real-time, but for the average Joe, what do we have to say that would be interesting to others?  I see tweets about people taking walks, buying groceries, going to bed…. pretty mundane stuff.

Anyway, to really give Twitter a fair try, I’m trying to integrate it into my blog.  I was using a WordPress plugin called Twitme that was a one-way integration.  It posts a tweet for every blog post.  The tweet is a simple link back to the blog post.

That was fine, but if I don’t post some real tweets, I would end up with a big long tweet list of links back to my main site.  I can’t see anyone finding that very interesting, so they probably wouldn’t ever bother to click on my links.

So, I’m trying a new one, Twitter Tools.  This plugin has more capabilities.  It’s main draw for me is that it tweets for each blog post I make, AND blogs a post for each tweet I make.  It somehow manages to keep track so they don’t bounce back and forth forever.  Now I can make a comment via tweet and automatically get the same thing into my blog where normal readers can find it.

My next goal is to add a plugin to put the icons at the end of each posting that let people automatically tweet them or add them to StumbleUpon or Facebook or whatever.  I guess the idea there is to make it as easy as possible for a visitor to link back to my site from theirs.

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