Twitter just a fad?

Czabe was on a rant this morning on the radio about Twitter and Facebook.  He thinks Twitter is just a fad, and pointed out that Twitter starts with “Twit”.

I tend to agree with him.  What’s ironic is that he would probably have a bunch of followers if we were to join.  After all, a lot of people would be interested to know his thoughts about different sports topics during the day and during games.

One thought on “Twitter just a fad?”

  1. I don’t think it’s a fad, but it’s not nearly a finished product either. To me, it reminds me of the web in its early days, about Netscape 1.1, when everyone was making pages with blinking text and garish backgrounds. There was obviously a lot of potential there, but a lot of garbage was being created in the meantime.

    There are new apps coming out every day that build on the Twitter API and make it more useful. It’s hard to say just where it’ll end up going, but in a few years the basic Twitter web page will probably seem as archaic and unhelpful as a service like talkd does now compared to modern messaging programs. We’ll probably be using something that developed from it, though, that fits into a communications niche that tries to combine the best features of email, IM, IRC, and blogging in a simpler system than we have now.

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