Wall of Faith built in Quincy, IL

I’d driven past a construction site on the north side of Quincy several times over the last few months, and I kept wondering what they were building.  I could tell the site wasn’t very large, but it was right on the corner of Knapheide’s property.  As the site progressed, it was plain that it would be a series of flagpoles.  I asked around, and no one I talked to knew what it was going to be.

Well, it’s finished, the mystery is over.  The Knapheide family had this monument built on their property as a statement of their God and country.  I’ll try to get some pictures soon so you see the monument, in case you aren’t from the area.

2 thoughts on “Wall of Faith built in Quincy, IL”

  1. I would like to see these pictures and anything that presents what is said on the monument.

    I am interested, not as a critic of Christianity, but because I am a Christian and like the idea of people putting up monuments of this type in places where the public can see them. Since we are, or at least have been, living in a free country we have the liberty to set forth our beliefs in our religion, and set forth the reality of our heritage in this nation. Hopefully more and more people will do what the Knapheide family are doing. But I should hold off on that last comment until I see what they actually did.

    Thank you for posting this on your website, and feel free to send me an email when you add the pictures and further comments on this site.

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