Wall of Faith Pictures

I mentioned that I’d try to get some pictures of the Knapheide Wall of Faith that was recently built in Quincy, IL.  It almost rained on me, but I got a few pictures today on my way home.  Check them out in this gallery.

[nggallery id=1]

As best I could tell without walking around the whole thing (the grass was fairly soft still, didn’t want to tear it up), the phrase “One Nation Under God” on the front is the sole wording on the piece, with the exception of the “Knapheide” logo on each far end.  There may have been a plaque somewhere, but I didn’t see one, and to get very close I’d have had to walk through the flowers – so I’m betting there wasn’t one.  Really, based on where it sits and the general layout, it’s not something that’s probably meant to be walked up on, but to be admired from a short distance away when you drive past.

The monument sits on the extreme southwest corner of the Knapheide property that also contains the Knapheide Manufacturing company in Quincy.  The Knapheide facility was built in this location after being flooded out of West Quincy in 1993.  This puts it at the intersection of Illinois Highway 96 (N 24th Street) and Koch’s Lane, on the north side of Quincy.

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