Relaxing fishing trip?

Took the family fishing today, out at Siloam Springs State Park.  If you don’t know the area, Siloam is generally east of Liberty:

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Siloam is a pretty nice place. Decent-size spring-fed lake, campgrounds. Only problem is I’ve never had much luck fishing there. I know there are fish, as I’ve seen them caught by other people. I just can’t seem to catch them myself. I get annoyed and end up fishing in my parent’s farm pond the rest of the year, which usually is a gimme as far as fishing is concerned.

But, once a year I get the itch to try Siloam again. The last few years haven’t exactly been Babe Winkelman-time, if you know what I mean. Since we’ve got little kids still, we generally just fish off the boat docks with worms. There are lots of little fish there to eat your worms all day long. the water is usually clear enough that you can watch them do it. The kids got to play for awhile. One of the older kids managed to pull out a foot-long largemouth, but that was the highlight. Since we just caught the one fish and it was marginal on the slot size, we tossed it back and went home empty-handed.

I may try Siloam again this year, but I’ll have to do it without the whole family. With the wife and 5 kids swinging poles around, it can get pretty nerve-wracking. She’s trying to keep track of the 2-year-old, and I’m helping the other 4 when they need it. I’m pretty much a non-stop baiting station.

Tomorrow we get to spend some time at my parents, so the kids should be able to pull some big fish out of their pond. I’ve always been big on making sure kids catch fish once in awhile – more often the younger they are – to keep them interested. If they don’t catch anything, after a few trips they’ll stop wanting to go.

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