Time slowing down?

I love theoretical questions about space/time relativity.  Questions that only God can truly answer because He’s the only one who can comprehend the whole thing.

Here’s a new one titled, “Bizarre theory suggests time may be running out“, published in Ireland’s BreakingNews.ie.  One of the theories that has long been tossed around has been that the universe, or at least the universe that exists in our dimension, is expanding at an accelerating rate.  The theory suggests that some “dark energy” is causing the expansion.  No one knows what the dark energy is, and can’t prove it, which is probably how it got it’s name: it’s energy and we can’t see it so we’ll call it dark.

So, previously the idea is that the speed at which the universe is expanding is growing over time, and that time is a constant.  This new theory suggests that time itself may be slowing, causing us to perceive that the speed has increased (the stars have moved farther because the seconds are longer).  Our universe isn’t expanding any faster, our time is slowing, causing us to see more per unit of time than before.

The final suggestion is that at some point time will slow so much that it will disappear and we’ll be frozen in an instant in time.  I don’t think so.  I think that if things keep changing at the rate they are, from OUR perspective the universe will expand faster and faster – more change per unit of OUR time.  If someone were to exist out in that expanding universe in IT’S timeline, they would see us slow down more and more – less change per unit of THEIR time.  However, OUR perception of OUR timeline should remain constant.

Unless somehow someone another dimension with an accelerated timeline can move ahead of us and affect our timeline, which is where people get ideas about building time machines.  They figure that it’s easy enough to travel from one point to another through our first 3 dimensions.  The fourth dimension, time, is a little trickier – it’s easy to travel forward in time at the same speed as time.  It’s difficult, however, to travel ahead or backward in time.  If someone can figure out how to travel through the time dimension, then combined with being able to travel through the first 3 dimensions, they could jump from one moment/location in space/time to another.  When you start looking at dimensions 5-10 (10 is the highest possible – I’ll find the reference to that and post it someday), the goal would be to be able to cross universes and timelines as well.

Obviously, if anyone ever figures out how to do this, we’ll most likely be screwed.  People will be wanting to go back and adjust history, both for good and bad reasons.  For a humorous look at problems with time travel, check out the Back to the Future movies.

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