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Movie review – Middle Men

We watched Middle Men on Netflix last night. I had never heard of it, but it was recommended based on my other rankings.

Middle Men stars Luke Wilson in a serious role as a business consultant of sorts who is hired to fix problems. Through a smarmy lawyer played by James Caan he is put in contact with a pair of complete losers who have more or less stumbled into the idea of the online porn industry. Giovanni Ribisi and Gabriel Macht play the stoned and paranoid losers, who have managed to get involved with Russian mobsters.

Wilson gets the business under control at first, but things eventually start to spiral out of control, both with the Russians and in his personal life. Things reach a boiling point with a few unexpected twists.

This movie is definitely NOT kid-friendly. There is lots of nudity because it is, after all, about the porn industry. There is a lot of vulgar language, violence and “adult situations”.



Trump endorses Romney, and the world kept on spinning.

Trump endorsed Romney today.

Who cares? Why is this even news? Are we going to take notice of every businessman that supports a candidate? Next we’ll be told we should give a crap who Charlie Sheen will vote for.

Donald Trump cares about power and attention. No one was paying attention to him lately, so he had to do something to get on television again. The media lapdogs followed him around and did his bidding.


Hottest Women of All Time?

H/T: Emirates 24/7 and Men’s Health

I ran across this article in an online news website for the United Arab Emirates. I thought it would be interesting to see their take on the topic. Then I found out they stole their top 10 from the top 100 list at Men’s Health. Here’s my take on the top 10:

1) Jennifer Aniston – I never really got this one. Yeah, she’s pretty hot, but hottest of all time? Hardly.

2) Raquel Welch – Very nice, very classic beauty. But to be honest, I wouldn’t have thought of her for the list. Her career pretty much stagnated int he late 70’s.

3) Marilyn Monroe – I agree. A classic beauty that has remained to this day. Her style is instantly recognizable.

4) Britney Spears – Nope. Although hot and sexy, her time with Keven Federline and her bouts of public lunacy ruined it for me.

5) Madonna – Hot at one time, now just weird and gross.

6) Ursula Andress – Much like Raquel Welch, was hot and popular at one time, but has faded with time. I’d guess that most people under 30 wouldn’t recognize her name.

7) Bettie Page – I didn’t know who she was until I did a little research. I liked what I saw, but again she is someone who’s popularity has gone.

8) Pamela Anderson – Very hot, seems genuinely nice. Not sure how well she’ll be remembered as time passes.

9) Jane Fonda – Was reasonably hot in Barbarella, but otherwise I don’t see how she makes the list.

10) Angelina Jolie – Hot in a creepy scary – but good – kind of way. Again, not sure if she’ll stand the test of time.

So, since I only really agreed with one, with maybes on a few others, who would I replace them with?

Farrah Fawcett was down at #31 and deserves to be bumped up if only for Charlie’s Angels. Brooke Shields was at #42 – way too low. Barbara Eden was smoking in I Dream of Jeannie. Missing from the list altogether were Tina Louise and Dawn Wells of Gilligan’s Island. Who will ever forget Ginger and Marianne?


So now it’s Israel’s fault?


In Obama’s world, somehow it’s Israel’s fault that the Muslim Arabs in the Middle East don’t like them. According to Howard Gutman, our American Ambassador to Belgium, it’s wrong to hate Jews just because they’re Jews, but it’s justified for Muslims to hate Jews because of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. That’s idiotic, of course, and something that would only make sense to someone who themselves hates the Jewish people. Gutman apparently doesn’t believe that Israel is struggling to survive against a constant attempt by their neighbors to destroy them. If only they could just make peace with the Palestinians, everything would be rainbows and unicorns and the Muslims would have no reason to hate Jews anymore, right?

If you find that a little hard to understand, because Israel isn’t exactly in our back yard, here’s a simpler example from the recent news. A 7-year old is choked by a bully. He defends himself by kicking the punk in the crotch, and now he’s the one being maligned by being accused of sexual harassment.

Back to Israel. Israel is the boy being choked by the bully that is Palestine and the other Jew-hating Arab states. Israel gets tired of not being able to breathe and reacts by kicking it’s enemy in the crotch, and people like Gutman blame Israel for defending themselves.

Soon we’ll be able to vote in a different President and hopefully put a stop to this kind of nonsense. Israel is one of our few real friends, and we can’t afford to lose them.

Apparently we have a shortage of American strippers

H/T: Yahoo News

Here’s kind of a funny story. South American strippers are sneaking into a Miami prison, smuggling in contraband and well…. stripping, obviously. The best part is when they point out that most of the women are “non-citizens”. Here in the midwest we call them illegals, but we’re just not too politically correct here.

I suppose this is an example of those jobs that we need illegals to do because Americans won’t do the work? 🙂


Remind me why we’re propping up GM again?


Looks like our tax dollars are being poured down the drain again. General Motors is offering to recall any Chevy Volt whose owner is concerned about the chance of fire. When I say ALL, I’m referring to the piddly 6,000 cars that have been sold in the last year. Of course, what can you expect for a car that starts at $40K? Of course, there is a federal tax credit, which amounts to taxpayers paying those 6,000 customers to buy Volts.

Apparently, several Volts have caught fire after impact testing. Not immediately, but anywhere from 7 days to 3 weeks later. GM of course is saying they don’t know what is causing it, but at the same time insists that it can’t happen immediately after impact. To me that’s like telling you I’m sick, I don’t know what disease I have, but you can’t catch it. If I were you, I’d be skeptical too.



HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius preaches the collectivist line

H/T:  SunMyrtle Beach Online

I follow politics fairly closely, but I don’t typically write about it unless something really grates on my nerves. Today was one of those days, and this article was the one that set me off.

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius gave a speech in South Carolina today to a black nurses group. I only mention that it was a BLACK nurses group because the article in the SunMyrtle Beach Online pointed out that fact. I’m not sure what the race of the nurses has to do with anything. I certainly don’t care what my nurse looks like as long as she does a good job.

Anyway, Sebelius tried to make the point that the nation’s health is a matter of national security, and that a healthy workforce is key to our prosperity. That’s pretty funny coming from one of Obama’s people, since they don’t seem to care at all about national security. We have a illegal aliens streaming across the border and guns being sold to Mexican drug cartels. We have a federal government suing states for trying to enforce their borders to project their people. For Sebelius to claim she’s concerned about national security is a joke.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, she had some interesting things to say to reporters afterwards. “… we need all 300 million Americans to be equipped and fully participating in society.” “… harms the productivity of our country.” “… get the green light and move forward.” This is typical collectivist-speak. To the radicals in the Obama administration, people aren’t individuals.  They’re just part of one big homogeneous society whose purpose is to work in unison for the greater good of the whole. Of course, that mass of nameless, faceless people is too stupid to make it’s own decisions, so it should rely upon the elite like Sebelius, Obama, Pelosi, Reid, etc… to make the decisions for it.

Well, she’s wrong, just like all the radical leftists are wrong. Society isn’t a faceless mass of drones. It is made up of individuals. Sometimes they make good choices, and sometimes they make bad ones, but the choices were theirs, and that’s what makes them free.

Movie Review – Gunless

It’s a challenge at times to find good quality movies that can be watched with the family. More often than not, the writers and directors just can’t help sprinkling “colorful” language and nudity on top of what is a really good plot. I’m no prude, but many times the foul language isn’t really necessary for the movie.

So, I’m thrilled when we happen across a film that is really enjoyable and clean at the same time. Friday night we found Gunless on Netflix. Without giving away too much, the story centers around a hardened gunslinger who accidentally ends up in a Canadian town where the people are WAY too nice. The clash between his tough persona and the friendliness of the townspeople makes for a fun time.

I didn’t recognize any big-name actors, but sometimes that’s best. I tend to have a hard time believing a character when all I can picture is other roles the actor has played. When I see John McGinley from Scrubs in another movie, all I can think is, “It’s Dr. Perry Cox!”. Certain actors become too typecast and I just can’t find them believable. Not only that, but I feel that lesser-known actors work harder than the big names.

If you’re watching with kids, just beware of the trailers after the movie. The actors DO curse in the bloopers.

Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan

Ever since Herman Cain started rising in the polls, he’s been taking a lot more heat from all different directions. One big target on his back is his 9-9-9 plan, which is his idea how to reform the federal tax code. That’s 9% national sales tax, 9% personal income tax, and 9% business income tax.

Of course, everyone has an opinion on how 9-9-9 is a good idea, a great idea, a bad idea, a disastrous idea… I’ve read quite a bit about it and I can’t say whether it will work or not. But, at least Cain DOES have a plan. I don’t know what Ron Paul’s plan is, or Romney, or Perry… I like Bachman and I don’t know what her plan is. I like Palin (who isn’t running), and I don’t know what her plan would have been. They may have written policy papers, or given speeches, but in the long run Cain’s plan is what sticks in my head. It’s simple and – I hate to say it – catchy, which makes it easy for people to understand. When you combine that with Cain’s clear way of speaking, and I think he has a real shot at the GOP nomination. He’d kind of like Ross Perot without the big ears and the weird mannerisms. People really liked Perot’s business sense and straight talk. If he weren’t so nuts he might have done better.

Does Cain have what it takes? I don’t know. I’m still undecided. I sure wish the other candidates would stop with the doublespeak and lay their ideas out on the table so we could decide based on their merits. What’s the worst that could happen? Candidate X, what is your tax reform proposal? What do you want to do with the EPA? What about opening up ANWAR? Offshore drilling? If you’re gonna go down, at least go down swinging!