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Stupid human tricks

I wrote a short piece a few days ago about my experience at a local restaurant drive-through and the nose-piercing that greeted me there.  Well, I didn’t get moving fast enough this morning to make breakfast at home, so I found myself in the same drive-through again.  Luckily, this time the line was short and so was the wait.

No piercings at the window!  But wait….  instead of piercings, this girl had tattoos.  Now, I’m not against tattoos on principle.  I think a tasteful tattoo in a discreet is okay.  A small flower, heart or butterfly on a girl’s ankle or shoulder can be kinda cute.  However, this girl was sporting a ring of letters around her left wrist, in a band about an inch wide.  I’m not sure what it said, and I really didn’t care.  She also had something on her right inside forearm.  I’m assuming if she had two out in the open she probably had others.

The first thought that popped into my head was, “Good luck working for minimum wage the rest of your life.”  She could smart and a hard worker, but if she goes into an interview with a tattooed wristband of words, she’s going to get put at the bottom of the pile.  Is that fair?  Maybe not, but the reality is that people for the most part do not react well to things like piercings and tattoos.  Employees are the face of of a business, and no business owner is going to hire someone to represent their company if they think that will tarnish their image.

A few days ago I was in Walmart and saw a young woman with a bunch of blue stars, around 6 or 7 about 1/2 inch tall each, tattooed to her temple just behind her left eye.  I’m sure she’s destined for greatness.

Tax insanity in California

Wine GlassHere’s the latest lunacy in a state that already reeks of it.  Two do-gooders have sent an initiative to the California Attorney General seeking to astronomically raise the taxes on alcoholic beverages in California.  Here’s a quick look at what they propose:

Today’s Tax Proposed Tax
Hard Liquor (750mL) $0.65 $17.57
Beer (6-pack) $0.11 $6.08
Wine (750mL) $0.04 $5.11

In many cases, this is effectively doubling (or more) the price.

One might assume this is just another ridiculous idea of how to raise some money to pay California’s bills.  In reality, this whole thing is all centered around the idea that people should stop drinking.  The initiative, which you can see here, is stuffed full of statistics about alcohol-related deaths, illness, social problems, blah blah blah.  These loons want to jack the taxes so high that people will effectively be forced to cut back or completely stop drinking.

The part that they conveniently leave out is that this won’t stop the wealthy from drinking, just the lower- and middle-class that won’t be able to afford it anymore.  How typical, the elite Progressive big-government types feel the need to take care of us uneducated masses.  We can’t be trusted to make our own decisions, but they can.

If they manage to get this craziness into law somehow, it’ll just be another kick to a man (California) that’s already down.  Alcohol sales will drop, causing those industries to cut back or shut down completely.  More jobs will be lost, and more people will be added to the unemployment rolls where they’ll be even more pissed off when they can’t afford to have a drink anymore.

California is already in trouble, do people like this really need to make things worse?

Blago aims to please

This poor guy just can’t win for losing.  His lawyers must cringe every time he opens his mouth, not knowing what moronic thing he’s going to say next.  Apparently he doesn’t like Obama anymore and figured he’d get in a few jabs when he had the chance.  He was right-on with the teleprompter slam – too bad he didn’t stick with that topic and quit while he was ahead.  Claiming he’s more black than Obama because he shined shoes and his dad ran a laundromat?  I had flashbacks to one of those great shows of my childhood, The Jeffersons.

A couple cool posters over at The Rude News highlighting our ex-governor and his unique ability to put his foot in his mouth…

Global Warming? Are you kidding me?

Anyone who hasn’t been hiding under a rock for the past few weeks should be aware of the recent events surrounding the altering or faking of global temperature recordings by so-called scientists.  It’s a fairly big story, considering how much the global warming scare has affected our politics and economy over the years.

Imagine my surprise to see this article pop up, warning us of how global warming still exists, even if the temps in North America have dropped recently.

Get with the program, folks.  Global Warming, or Climate Change (what they call it when it doesn’t actually warm up for awhile), is a hoax used by the Al Gore’s of the world to scare people, gain power, and ultimately make a buck.

Alex’s mom is a lesbo!

As a conservative lesbian, I can understand why Cynthia Yockey would find this interesting.  Check out her article here:

However, from the point of view of a normal, everyday citizen (myself) – WHO CARES?  Yeah, I watched Family Ties when I was younger.  It was a good, clean show with a good message.  What’s that got to do with Baxter’s personal life now?  It’s none of my business whether she likes guys or gals.  Even if she was into gals back during the days of the show, it wouldn’t have changed anything.  She wasn’t Meredith Baxter on the show, she was Alex Keaton’s mom.

Frequent sex is good exercise?

First of all, let me show you this picture from The Sun:

Holy Smokes
Holy Smokes

This lovely lady is pictured in The Sun in an article titled “Schoolkids told: Have an orgasm”.  Now, not to burst any perverts’ bubbles, but I’m pretty sure she’s out of high school.  In fact, I think I met her once – I’m not gonna say where.  All I know is that she is dressed almost exactly the same in this picture as I remember her…

Now to the subject of the article.  Apparently some leftist super-douchebags in the UK were concerned about young kids’ sex education AND about their lack of exercise.  So, what’s the solution?  Encourage them to have sex, and call that exercise.  The most ridiculous part is that one of the major choads who wrote the article claims that “the approach would help persuade youngsters to hold onto their virginity until ready for the next step.”  He apparently also believes that “properly informed teens have as much right to physical relationships as adults.” (both quotes taken directly from the article at The Sun – click the image above to read it).

I’ve got to wonder how promoting sexual activity in schoolkids is going to “persuade youngsters to hold onto their virginity.  I’m pretty sure it would have the opposite effect.

Pay attention here, folks.  This is why we don’t look at foreign countries as examples to mold ourselves after.  Most of these countries are already so screwed up that they have lost any common sense they started out with long ago.

Insanity, here I come!

Ah, what can I say? As I tell my kids, “The brain worms attacked me all night long last night.” It’s a nice visual explanation for them of something that I can’t otherwise explain to them. In reality, it’s a combination of sleeping very hard, then waking up easily to a nasty migraine headache. The sleeping periods are consumed by dreams so bizarre that I know even within the dream that I’m dreaming. So I’m never really concerned about the waves of zombies following me around – they just annoy the crap out of me until I wake up.

Let me add, the other really annoying thing? These dreams also tend to be serialized, in that the new one picks up where the old one left off. There’s none of that “wake up to break the dream cycle and then go peacefully back to sleep. No, in these dreams the monsters are standing there waiting for me,

So, I wake up and the migraine jumps out and pokes me in both eyes. Kinda feels like somone using a rusty spoon to scoop out my eyes, while at the same time the pounding in the back of my head beats along with the blood in my veins.

Luckily I know the miracle of Excedrin, and I also have some pressure-point knowledge. I can generally swallow 2 Excedrin, and within the time it takes to get a quick shower, I can convince the majority of the pain to leave.

This isn’t all that common – maybe once a month or two. When I was younger, it used to happen more. I had a fairly famous dream series – at least among my family members – where I was attacked by an old witch-type lady with a power drill. Not a regular drill, but a big hammer-drill. The interesting part of the dream was that she had a big long orange extension cord, and when she reached the end of the cord, it would come loose and I’d wake up. The very last time I remember having that dream, I remember for some reason I stayed too close, she didn’t’ run out of cord, and she rammed that drill right into my stomach. I never had that particular dream again.

So, be prepared – I may talk about some wierd stuff today. For instance, I’ll be writing about laundry detergent cups in a few minutes.

Prom King, Queen, boy-girl, whatever…

This is going to upset a few people, and what I’m going to say is probably going to upset a few more…

A gay teenage boy was voted Prom Queen at the Los Angeles Fairfax High School.

I’m confused.  Fairfax High – didn’t you have any hot chicks at prom?  No?  Nothing but homely girls?  Wow, sorry to hear that you ran out of hotties and had to vote for a guy for queen.  I’m also sorry to see your school making a spectacle of itself in an attempt to be “openminded” and “support the gay community”.

Knowing how girls are about the prom, I bet there is some resentment brewing that none of them got to be queen.

If this kid wanted to run for prom king, no problem.  After all, we’re assuming he’s a HE, so he fit the qualifications for king, right?

He’s quoted as saying, “I will be wearing a suit, but don’t be fooled, deep down I am a queen.”  Dude, I say go for it.  Get a nice evening gown and be the girl that is trapped inside.

But wait!  “I don’t wish to be a girl.  I just wish to be myself.”

Well, buddy, I wish to be 25 years old.  I wish to be in the best shape of my life.  I wish to be wealthy beyond my dreams.  You know what they say, “Want in one hand, spit in the other – see which one fills up first.”