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Is Obama a Muslim?

One of the big stories in the news lately has been the poll that showed almost 20% of Americans believe that Obama is a Muslim. Of course, the various reports of the poll that I heard on the radio were always phrased something like this from a FoxNews article: “A new survey reports a sharp increase in the number of Americans who, incorrectly, say President Obama is a Muslim.” The interesting thing here is the assertion by the news media – even FoxNews that is supposedly SO right-wing – that Obama is a Christian just because he says he is.

When you take the politics out of this and boil it down to common sense, it’s fairly straightforward. “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.” – Wikipedia Kyle-Ann Shiver at American Thinker lines out all the things that make Americans think that he’s a Muslim – and there are quite a few.

As usual, the mainstream media missed the point completely. The MSM wants to talk about how either Americans aren’t very smart, or Obama doesn’t publicize his visits to Church enough.

Whether he is a card-carrying Muslim or not is hardly important. The bigger point is what Obama’s Muslim leanings mean to this country. His “soft spot” for the Muslim faith is affecting our relationships with both our allies and our enemies. His actions are an indication that his allegiance isn’t necessarily to America, and that scares people.

If Obama keeps looking, swimming and quacking like a duck, more and more Americans are going to assume he’s a duck.

Will the propaganda signs go away? I doubt it.

It’s hard to miss the Recovery Act Stimulus signs if they’re in your area. They’re big, obnoxious, and pointless – unless you’re a Democrat regime bent on convincing the public that you helped them in some way.

Rep. Aaron Schock has gone after the stimulus signs in Illinois, calling them “the height of narcissism”. They’re also a waste of money, since they don’t provide any real information – they just promote the program itself.

Apparently, pressure from Rep. Darrell Issa has forced certain agencies to change their rules to make the signs no longer required. However, they are still “strongly encouraged”, which is code for “we’re not gonna make you do it, but you had better do it, if you know what I mean – wink wink”.

In our area, we got to look at a couple big annoying signs while one of our streets was re-paved. Oddly, no one who lives on or travels the street thought it needed re-paving. They assume some “person of importance” must live there, which is how things usually work around here. While that street was getting re-paved, the streets in my area haven’t been touched in the 10 years that I’ve lived there. We have grass growing up through cracks in the pavement, no curbs, no sidewalks, and a patchwork of concrete and asphalt patches on top of patches. Apparently the people on my street aren’t important enough to be bought off with new pavement.

Don’t look for the signs or the stupidity to go away any time soon, and definitely don’t expect it if you don’t get your butt off the couch and educate yourself before the elections in November. If the Obama/Pelosi/Reid triumvirate stays in charge, it’s just gonna get worse.

Paul Ryan slams Krugman in a challenge of wits any day

H/T The Weekly Standard

Paul Ryan could beat Krugman at a battle of the wits in his sleep. Ryan truly knows his stuff and shows it every time the liberal media attacks his ideas. He stays on topic, has real answers for every inane point they try to make, and shows that he has what it takes to lead us out of the mess that’s been made of this country by the Democrats and the RINOs.

Paul Ryan is a rising star. Let’s hope he’s able to stay true to his principles. We need leaders like him.

Cassy Fiano interviews the “Cigar Marine”

H/T Cassy Fiano:

I happened across Cassy Fiano’s site the other day and added it to my links.  Today she has a great interview with Nick Popaditch, the “Cigar Marine”.  He’s running for Congress in California, and sounds like the kind of conservative leader we need in Illinois to clean up this state.  We’re getting a few really good leaders in the running, like Bobby Schilling and Cedra Crenshaw. We just need more.

Quincy Tea Party takes a stand on out-of-control spending

H/T Illinois Review:

Hooray for the QTP!  Let’s take a stand for what’s right and reject this $6 million waste of taxpayer money!  Why in the world do we need a transportation hub?

We already have an Amtrak station.  The only other transportation services in town are the shuttles/taxis and the city buses.  Have one of the bus routes stop by the Amtrak, and set up a kiosk with local-only phones and a list of numbers for the shuttle/taxi services.  Airports usually have the same thing for people arriving on late flights.

I’d say “problem solved”, but I don’t know of anyone who thinks we have a problem to solve. We just have a tax-and-spend government in Illinois that is out of control.

Maybe they think if they throw enough money around, people will think they’re getting something and vote the idiots back in?

See the Quincy Tea Party site for more information about the group.

The plot thickens…

H/T Illinois Review:

The pieces just keep coming together.  I’m reminded of the “six degrees of separation” theory, where everyone is separated from anyone else by no more than 6 steps.

Obama, Giannoulias, Rezko and Nadhmi Auchi are linked together in a nasty web that stinks of corruption, and Auchi is even linked to Saddam Hussein.  It’s especially interesting that supposedly Obama met Auchi in Rezko’s home AFTER Auchi had been convicted in France.  Then 2 years later, Giannoulias’ Broadway Bank loaned money to Rezko and Auchi.  Rezko can be linked back to Rod and Patty Blagojevich.  Rod has suddenly become very silent after months of running his mouth about how the truth would come out in the trial.

It’s Chicago politics as usual folks.  Don’t take your eyes off the ball or they’ll make this whole thing disappear and you’ll be left wondering what happened.

David Horowitz’s NewsRealBlog

I added a new link just a moment ago to David Horowitz’s NewsRealBlog.  I read his book Hating Whitey: and Other Progressive Causes years ago, and although I’ve seen him on various talk shows and such, today I happened to find his blog site.

I’ve also added a link to FrontPageMag, which is Horowitz’s website where you can find NewsRealBlog and other good conservative information.

First California – is Illinois Next?

H/T The New American:

It looks like California is gonna hit rock bottom pretty soon.  They’re running out of money, no one wants to cut spending, and the people refuse to pay any more taxes.  Sound familiar?

What the liberals never seem to be able to understand is that when the state collapses into chaos, all of the special pet programs and unions they were protecting will collapse as well.

Here in Illinois we have the same problem.  The Democrat regime in charge won’t make any significant cuts because they are so beholden to the unions and special interests who got them elected.  The state’s debt keeps growing, and Governor Quinn’s only answer is to demand an income tax hike that no one wants.  Illinois is going to follow California into the crapper unless something is done soon.  Hopefully we can elect some decent conservatives who will make the tough decisions to cut back on state spending and start encouraging business growth in this state again.